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Writing 101 Day 17: Fear


The Things I Fear

I am afraid of many things; indeed I have many fears.

Sometimes I fear what I can’t see or the sounds that I do hear.

I fear loud percussion thunderstorms rippling through the sky;

I also fear zigzag flashes of lightening searing through the night.

I fear snakes, lizards and all sorts of crawling and slithering reptiles

As well as spiders, ants and beetles creeping across the floor tile.

I can expel a harrowing scream if a bat flies in flapping its wings;

they swish like soft blades in the night

and I still hear him even when out of sight.

I also screamed, frightening my mother terribly

when stung by a buzzing, angry bumble bee.

I fear traveling in the winter in the freezing rain, drizzle or snow;

I also fear the screeching, howling wind as the harder it blows.

Sometimes I fear strange scratching noises and thumps in the night

For once in the darkness, a loud scraping branch gave me such a fright.

I fear large animals living and hiding in the woods and the land;

I take care to travel, walk and hike in safety as much as I can.

I fear unexpected accidents as I journey and wander along the way.

For once I was painfully injured when trapped in deep mud one fine day.

The muddy plain had behaved like sinking quicksand holding me fast

And taking all of my strength and might to pull free at long last.

I fear other people and the unkind comments they sometimes make

Trying their best to be hurtful and make sure I feel alone, not wanted, and unsafe.

Or they like to point out all of my flaws in life; for not one comment is enough

But must make certain that I know I am unworthy, and fully inadequate.

For then i may choose to hide myself and my feelings in a little room

where I feel safe from the world in my private and tiny cocoon.

Often I fear tomorrow; not knowing what it may bring.

I fear the mysterious future; being so unclear, so uncertain.

I fear trekking on this obscure and bumpy pathway through this road of life

Where darkness tries to overwhelm me and so I strain to see the light.

But no matter what I fear today in this life in its many uncertainties,

I know Jesus is in my heart and my future with him is hope and eternity.

A Long Stormy Night


Though it is early evening thick graying clouds cover the sun

Darkness is descending and I sense a shadow of coming doom.

With one lamp turned on I fidget in the semi darkness

I cannot be still; I cannot find peace and rest.

Reports are streaming in describing a night of gloom.

I gaze out the window knowing what will come soon.

Rumbles of thunder and lightning will flash across the sky

As I sit here alone and restless on this pending stormy night.

The wind will sway and whistle through the trees;

Such a haunting, eerie sound that I can’t calm my shaking knees.

Away from the windows I hover breathless and hiding deep inside

Fearing that first crack of thunder coming tonight.

No one to talk to and no one to comfort and hold my hand

As I sit alone waiting for this long fearsome night to end.

I crouch in quiet dread not even bothering to go to bed

As I ponder and wonder about this tumultuous night ahead.

God seems far away right now, though I know that’s not true

He is watching over me as I sit alone in this darkened room.

It is darker now as the thickened clouds are drifting closer to me.

Soon it will be pitch black and I will no longer see

Encroaching danger lies so close by; somewhere near, just outside

Oh here it comes, the first rumble of thunder; the first hint of a long stormy night.