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Becky’s Haiku: Foul and Sweet


Foul Wind! Stay away!

Let me enjoy a warm day

Touched by Sun’s sweet rays.

I tried a challenge to write a haiku using the words foul and sweet.  For those of you who enjoy haiku challenges, here is the link for this particular haiku: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/tag/haiku-challenge/

Writing 101 Assignment 7: The Battle Between Summer and Winter



“I like summer!”

“Well, I like winter!”

“What’s so great about winter?”

“What’s so great about summer?”

“During the summer, the temperature is warm

And I can stay outside all day long.”

“Winter is an adventure when that mighty wind blows

And I bravely trample through drifts of snow.”

“But that northern breeze is just too much for me!

Soon I have a cold as I start to sneeze and sneeze.”

“You know, summer is no picnic either

With the pollen, the weeds, and flowers in bloom, I soon have hay fever.”

“Winter is so white and bleak with no vivid colors to see.

But summer is a vibrant rainbow of red, orange, purple, yellow, and green.”

“Summer is sometimes too drab with brown grass and dry dust floating in the air.

Winter ushers in the purest breezes which filter and clean the atmosphere.”

“Winter lasts too long, those months and months of snow seem to go on forever.”

”Summer drags on too when heat and humidity rise I just perspire and swelter.”

“In the summer, birds gladly sing while grazing, strolling wildlife can be seen.”

“Winter has its own wonder and surprises like seeing a brilliant sundog in the sky.”

“You know this battle between summer and winter can go on forever:

I know, let’s just talk about the weather.”

“That is fine with me but what about autumn and spring?”

“Well, I like autumn.”

“and I like spring!”

“Oh, no, here we go again.”

Daily Prompt: Weather Weather Affecting Me


Weather, weather, whatever it may be

Sometimes has a deep and profound effect on me.

If the wind is howling and it starts to snow

 I become Irritated if there is any place that I have to go.

If the rain is falling and the skies are dark and gray

Then I want to stay in bed and read the day away.

If crashing thunder and flashing lightening should come

Then I want to safely hide beneath a blanket in my tiny home.

If walking at twilight when the sunset is warm and brightly glowing

Then I want to hear the birds sing and the bullfrog’s deep throated croaking.

If late in the dark when the sky is clear and the moon is full and bright

I want to gaze and wonder about the stars and planets shining in the night.

If I awake and find warm sunshine brightening a vivid blue sky

Then I want to especially enjoy this day not letting it slip by.