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I wanted to start this blog just as a way to share some little piece of inspiration and hope. I think we all need a bit of that. To begin with, I grew up in a very rural area of Wisconsin and lived on a small farm there. I went to a small school and Unfortunately, I was one of those kids who was teased a lot and put down for many reasons. My extreme shyness did not help matters. But when away from school, I did find solace and a safe place to be with family and with the close friends I did have. I also found peace and comfort through faith in God and in nature.

I now live in southern Minnesota and I work in Human Services training individuals who have developmental disabilities to live as independently as they can. The work is very interesting as each person I work with is very unique. They work, they participate in volunteer activities, maintain family relationships, make friends, and each one works on unique goals in their lives. Last year,I had been assigned to write a Spring poem and then encouraged these aspiring individuals to write their own Spring poems with special instructions to being each sentence with the letters in “Spring”.  A number of them participated  in this poetry challenge and each one was proud of his or her poem. I was amazed at how different each poem was.

How I wish that this world, could a beautiful and safe passageway for us all. But many face challenges and difficulties that never seem to go away. At least that is how I feel. We all need a place to feel safe, sense God’s love, and be inspired. It is my hope that this simple blog could be a safe place for others to come and find some hope or inspiration in their day.  So, with this in mind, I aim to post a little poem, or a picture or at least a thought of inspiration for the day. And I hope that  this is somehow helpful and encouraging to others who may see and scroll through my blog.


Becky G.

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  1. Lhu Wen Kai


    I would recommend adding a little bit of filters (softwares like this are easily available on the Mac App Store, and they’re free), or if you’re using WIndows you can always edit those photos on your phone and then transfer it back to your comp to upload it 🙂 I look forward to reading your posts!

    Take care!

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  2. beckyg1003 Post author

    Hello, I am not sure what you mean by filters. I am very, very, new at this. And I can see I have a lot to learn. Thank you for your input.


  3. beckyg1003 Post author

    Okay I am reading about the Lieber Award and the rules but I have a question:, what do you mean by a “link bank”? Is that just the link address or is there more to it?


  4. Lyrallya

    It’s just a link. If you mention the link of my blogpost in yours, I get a pingback. Or you could just put the link of your blogpost in the comment section of my blogpost 🙂


  5. John Thomas Dodds

    Thank you for following my poetry blog. I feel everyone who reads my poems is a gift, hopefully that will keep on giving, and I look forward to a leisurely walk in your garden of words.


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  7. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    Well, I don’t believe in coincidence but in the leading of the Holy Spirit and since I asked the Lord to lead me to the sites that would inspire, encourage and continue to teach, it is no wonder to me that He showed me your blog. I am of the firm belief that you CAN “teach an old dog new tricks,” as I have been teaching and “trying” to serve the Lord for the past 40 plus years, I realize I won’t stop learning and growing until the Lord calls me home!
    So, I appreciate the Lord leading you to my blog. I HAVE been involved in online ministry since the mid 90’s with websites, forums and social media, but this is my first attempt at a blog and I am SOLD on this medium for the very reason that it does bring Christians and those of like values and ideas together for great communion and communication and exchange of thoughts and ideas.
    By the way, my wife was a caregiver-supervisor in a group home for men, for over 12 years until the small town we lived in, in Arizona closed it’s doors due to State budget cuts. They were a group home of men with mental disabilities but just needed some supervision. My wife loved the work and it was hard for her when they closed and she had to take early retirement.
    It’s amazing how the Lord uses things though motivate us and lead us to the things He wants to accomplish.
    So anyway, I am an avid reader and follow a lot of blogs, so many times a week I make the rounds as well as trying to put together studies and lessons. But I will be back and I will be posting your site on my Links page.
    God bless you as you continue to serve, (minister) to all of us who read your posts and to our Lord and Redeemer, Christ Jesus!
    P.S. Don’t forget, you are a puzzle piece that is needed to complete the “picture portrait” of the Bride of Christ. All of are ministries and gifts are used to make the Body stronger in Him, Christ Jesus!!!

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  8. The Poetry Channel

    Hi, Becky.
    If one of us has already asked you for this pardon the duplication. We are all scrambling to get permissions because we didn’t plan to publish to collaboration when we initiated it.
    I just need your permission to publish your contribution as part of the whole in Praxis magazine online, and your general location, city, state, etc if you care to share that.
    Thank you.



  9. beckyg1003 Post author

    Hello Michael, Yes you have my permission to publish my poem or poems (if you plan to use both) in the Praxis Magazine. My general location is Lake Crystal, Minnesota. Thank you for including my contribution; I feel honored to be a part of it.

    Becky Gilbertson


  10. The Poetry Channel

    Thanks, Becky. Glad to have you on board. The whole collaboration is being published as one, so both poems as they are a part.


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