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Lord Let Me Be


Lord let me be the opal of your treasury;

A different yet lovely gem only you can see.

Lord let me be a delight to your compassionate heart

With a quiet gentleness which will never depart.

Lord let me be a unique creation of your hands

Formed with love and wisdom that only you understand.

Lord let me be a quiet person with a gentle soul

Which never desires to hurt or cause turnmoil.

Lord let me live in the meadow of your everlasting love

Where wildflowers bloom and peace rules like softly singing dove.

Lord let me be forever safe inside our outstretched arms

Where I always feel welcomed and sheltered from this world’s storms.

Lord let me be alive with hope of your everlasting grace

While waiting for your return when we’ll all see your shining face.

For it was you who had coaxed me and drew me ever nearer

By forgiving my sins and caring for me so I no longer live in fear.

Lord let me be always sure and confident of your final victory

Over all evil and sinfulness which you will smite forever triumphantly.

And Lord let all of us be forever safe inside your heavenly home

Where we will all live in joy, peace, and love in your everlasting kingdom.

Becky’s Haiku: Think and Fresh


How each year I think

Of winter’s end wishing for

 The fresh start of spring.

Once again, I have just attempted another haiku challenge from Ronovan Writes blog using the words “think” and “fresh”. They are such a fun challenge! If you like poetry and haiku’s then I invite you to also accept his challenge at this link:


After the Rain


The sun brightly appears after a stormy spell

Letting everyone know that all again is well.

The shrilling wind has lessened its’ churning

While the pelting rain has ceased it’s drumming.

Trees, shrubs, flowers, and everything green

Is bathed in wetness on this summery day in Spring.

A new fresh scent permeates and filters the air;

A welcomed sign that the earth is renewed and fair.

Such a sweet blessing to remember and realize

That the loving Lord is in charge: rain, snow, or sunshine.

And at night when the orange setting sun is dipping low,

He stays in charge of all our nights, our days and every tomorrow.



Guide and teacher of God and his amazing love.

Ever passionately kind to help the sick, the mute, and the blind.

Never forsaking, never forgetting; always loving, always forgiving.

Trustworthy and wise, he softly wipes the tears from our eyes.

Listens with tender care to our silent and unseen prayers

Empathic and understanding while remembering his time of suffering.

Savior of all who have sinned as we are drawn closer to him.

Healer of the broken heart and soul, making us stronger and whole.

Eternally and forever faithful, never leaving or letting us go.

Protective shield through every storm keeping us safe from harm.

Hears and sees our tears; knows all our pains through the years.

Everlasting and loving friend on whom we can always depend.

Rescuer and redeemer who saves us for life forever after.

Deliverer of never ending hope and lasting peace for our souls.

Becky’s Haiku: The Storm Within


When I hear thunder

And wind, I sometimes fear the

Storm raging within.

For a battle does

Wage inside my soul when doubts

Are nagging me so.

For troubles arise

And not just a few tugging

At me; my heart’s blue.

I lay on my bed with

With tears streaming down as I

Wondered what went wrong.

I try to do what’s right

And show kindness to all but

Still I trip and fall.

So I hide in my

Tiny cocoon not wanting

To leave my small room.

As fear grips and churns

 inside, I don’t want to face

the storm just outside.

So I rest hiding

Alone with hands folded tight

As the storm raged on.

Finally I do

Peek out my window in quiet

Hope and gentle peace.

The sky was blue once

Again, you see. The storm was

Gone; God answered me.

Writing 101 Day 20: Treasure


The Things I Treasure

Family and lifelong friends

Whose love prevails and never ends.

A vivid blue and warm day

Where glowing sunshine lights the way.

A new path in life; a new road to adventure

And where it might lead I can only wonder.

Sweet melodious birdsong filling the breeze

As the feathered carolers perched in the lofty trees.

Meadows and wildflowers I do adore;

Black-eyed Susans, daisies and more.

Strolling through the forest of towering trees

Oh how Spring gives birth to such emerald beauty.

A quiet, rainy day when I rest inside

Reading and writing to my heart’s delight.

Returning home and walking down memory lane;

Visiting loved ones and close friends.

Walking on the beach and feeling the spray of the sea;

Feeling the sand surround and envelop my bare feet.

Sitting at the park and listening to the whispering wind

Sifting through the branches; softly heard but not seen.

In deep conversation with a close friend

In whom my quiet trust will never end.

Seeing a lemon-tinted sunrise in the early morning

And a glowing orange sunset in the warm evening.

Have the love of Jesus residing in my heart wiping away my sorrows

As he instills hope for today, through the night, and tomorrow.