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Decima Poem: Finding Peace in Nature’s Quietness

Glowing flame crowns the silent trees
as the evening sun sits on
the far and distant horizon.
Tis a simple and quiet scene
to gaze upon serenity.
Such soothing gentleness imparts
a hidden smile touching each heart
of all those who seek to witness
the hushed splendor of nature’s rest;
peace found in its’ tranquility.


I just took the challenge of writing my first decima poem in which I must use the word “smile” in one of the “c” lines.  The poem is ten lines with the following rhyming pattern: abbaaccddc. Each line is 8 syllables. If you want to give this challenge try, here is the link to learn all about it:


Born with PURPOSE

Born to:
Please and enjoy being with God: to believe, honor, worship, and love
him daily for God loved us first.
Understand God: to grow in faith by knowing him more and more
with each new passing day.
Receive Jesus, His Son, as Lord and Savior who rescues us from our
sins and saves us from eternal death.
Perfect relationship with God while He continuously sculps and
reshapes us as his new creation.
Obey God’s good, right, and perfect commands as he leads our
lives in a new and meaningful direction.
Serve others by teaching, leading, loving, caring, and helping others
to also believe in him.
Everlasting life in glorious heaven with Jesus, our families and
friends to live in love, peace, and joy forever and ever.

Pantoum: While Walking through the Forestland

While walking through the forestland
beneath the boughs of leafy green,
wading amidst the sea of swaying grass
as sweet carols unseen bluebirds sing.
Beneath the boughs of leafy green
while the river nearby gently flows,
as sweet carols unseen bluebirds sing
high above the lush, rolling meadow.
As the river nearby gently flows,
the sky above shone a sapphire hue
high above the lush rolling meadow;
sparkling like a crystal jewel.
The sky above shone a sapphire hue
under the sun’s ever vibrant gaze;
sparkling like a crystal jewel
as towering pines offer comfort and shade.
Under the sun’s ever vibrant gaze
wading through the sea of swaying grass
as towering pines offer comfort and shade
while walking through the forestland.