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Remembering Dad

Merry blue eyes and laughter

Ever loving and caring father

Moments of quiet conversations

Of his life experiences and wisdom.

Retelling lighthearted stories of his youth

In fond remembrance of what he used to do.

Eager with friends and family to celebrate

Sharing his smile and love during the holidays.

Overworked in the fields and at the mine:

Filled with family duty to provide.

Days camping near a Hatfiield lake;

And fishing at a favorite place.

Determined to live and remain strong;

No longer on earth but alive in heaven.

Happy NEW YEAR 2017


New dreams, opportunities, and possibilities

Every day dawn’s a new beginning

Willing to wait and live by God’s love, mercy, and grace.

Yesterday is gone but lessons and memories remain.

Each bright morning is a treasured gift; each starlit evening a cherished blessing

Already looking forward in solid and steadfast faith

Ready to continue this life journey on the path of hope and grace.

Collaboration Publication – Last Call

Here is one more invite to be a part of the Poets for Peace Collaboration. If you are a poet and want to take a stand for peace, here is your opportunity to do so.

The Poetry Channel

Image courtesy of

Time is running out to get your poem into the


collaborative poem being hosted on,here

No more poems will be accepted after August 31, 2016, 12 am Eastern Standard Time, at which time we will need everyone’s permission to publish inPraxis Magazine online.

If you haven’t contacted us by the time we have to present the finished collaboration to the editorial staff, we will have to remove your poem from the collaboration.

Thank you ALL for your participation and support. The poem is incredibly deep and full of powerful words for Peace.

Thank you, Marie, from the wonderful blog,, who helped agreat deal in organizing the collaboration and securing permissions, and Neha from,, who hostedthe event on her blog and bore the brunt of the manual labor involved. None of this would have happened without…

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Glimpse of a Memory

Last night I had a dream

Of a quiet wintry scene.

The vision lasted only seconds

And, at first, I didn’t comprehend

As the place looked unfamiliar to me.

But soon more details I could clearly see;

A small shed near the towering old barn

And banks of snow piled up in the yard.

A pristine white drive leading to the road

And to the old mailbox upon a metal pole.

The sky glistened a brilliant blue

Beneath the sun’s glowing hue

As understanding dawned and I did know;

I was standing in the place of my old childhood home

Where my siblings and I spent many wintry days

Sledding down the gently sloping driveway.

The scene too quickly faded and yet remains in me;

A yearning glimpse of a distant memory.