Finding Inspiration in Poetry, Photography, and in the Art of Writing



As I dive further and further into the blog world, I have discovered some very hopeful and inspiring blogs to follow. I encourage you to look at these talented bloggers and writers:

Inspiration in Poetry:

To Begin with, I found several neat poems by some amazing poets: I happened to read these poems at a time when I needed a little encouragement and some comfort for my soul. Read, enjoy and may they lift your spirit too:

Source of Inspiration:

Shawn L. Bird:

Inspiration in Photography:

This photo/poet writes beautiful poems and captures the most delicate scenes you can imagine in nature. His writing and photos are like precious gems. While I tend to focus on the bigger picture in photography, this photo artist captures the delicate and often unseen beauty of nature:

Inspiration in the Art of Writing:

This is a great blog article for us bloggers who are into blogging because we want to be writers. Whether we write poems, articles, or stories of any genre, we are looking to improve our writing skills and get ourselves out there and noticed. This article is about reading to be a good writer and lays out some keys ideas on how to do that.

Quoth the Wordsmith;

And for us fledgling novel writers here is an interesting writing article from author Bob Mayer about taking one key idea as a basis for a novel:

I hope you find these blogs interesting, inspiring, and helpful as I did.

6 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration in Poetry, Photography, and in the Art of Writing

  1. Maria Brinkley

    Thanks for this, Becky. I am now following all these great blogs as they deal with my areas of interest – writing, poetry and photography. It’s good to find a great new blog! 🙂


  2. beckyg1003 Post author

    Thank you for the link to yet another great blog. And yes, I chose to follow those blogs because, same as you, they pertain to the same interests that I have. And I am very glad to hear that you are enjoying my poetry. Your blog is looking very good as well.


  3. Andrzej Dąbrówka

    Thanks Becky for your nice analysis, I hope you also will try macro-photography. This technology allows us to look at details which could never before be seen so close. And in this way they give us new visual motifs for inspiration.
    I’ve put your post on the Twitter.


  4. beckyg1003 Post author

    Your work is just stunning and I continue to be amazed by it. I do desire to improve my skills in photography and I will need to learn more about macro-photography. And thank you for sharing my post on Twitter.


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