Sunday Drive Roundup May 18, 2014

Finding Inspiration in Faith, Poetry, Family Stories, Photography, and in Healthy Eating

I named this  new Sunday feature on my blog page, Sunday Drive Roundup in remembrance of my dad who liked to take us all on long Sunday drives around the country side. It was always an enjoyable and relaxing time when we did this; he seemed to never worry about getting lost on those windy Wisconsin roads For some reason I was remembering those Sunday drives as I contemplated the starting of this section when I would surf or take a virtual “drive” around the blogosphere to discover new and interesting blog sites to share with my readers.

So, for the first installment of this feature I thought I would focus on the blog pages which I have been discovering in my recent Blogging 101 class. I met many interesting and talented bloggers who each have started very interesting, well-designed, and informative blogs. Therefore I want to feature some of those in this first Sunday Drive Roundup:

Easter Ellen shares personal stories, poetry and beautiful photography depicting her personal life and how through her faith and dependence on God, she strives to overcome. She really bares her heart and soul here and maintains her faith and trust in God. I am inspired by her openness and honesty in life as well as her strong and resilient faith:

Meredith continues her writing journey in this beautiful blog as she writes about faith, stories about family, shares recipes and spiritual insights. I find her writings and her faith to be very encouraging as I struggle to keep my faith in God. Here’s a peek at her blog site:

I am inspired by and enjoy seeing the beauty of this world through photography. I wish I was a better photographer and hopefully I will find more time to practice and improve in that area. But for now, here is another wonderful blog featuring inspirational and vivid photos from a photographer who enjoys sharing nature’s beauty. This blogger seems to be always awestruck by nature’s breathtaking beauty and never takes it for granted.  Take a look here:

Finally, I know I need to do better at eating healthy and leading a healthier lifestyle. I am taking steps to improve in this area of my life. Wouldn’t you know it? There was a blogger in my Blogging 101 class who has focused on healthy eating and healthy living for their blog. It is full of interesting articles, information, and recipes. There is so much to look at and study there about healthy eating and just being healthy. It is a great blog page to keep handy as a resource:

And there you have it, although a bit late because it is just after midnight here, the first Sunday Drive Roundup!

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