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Writing 101 Assignment 2: A Hidden Gazebo with a View



I like to go on hikes and long nature walks. I like exploring new trails just to find something new and interesting. On one such walk, I found this wooden gazebo on the edge of a small meadow and behind a small hill of trees. I have visited it a number of times. I would sit there reading, writing, and just enjoying the view from there. But one day an unexpected intruder, a creature of the woods, came to briefly visit me:

Evergreens, elms, and maple trees are all around me.

Warm sunshine above filters through the towering green leafed trees.

The black dirt trail before me leads through this spring green forest

Where wildflowers grow and unseen birds sing from their nests.

Ah, I found the lush green meadow, a small clearing, you see

Where the uncut grass swishes my bare legs and brushes my knees.

The morning sun brightens the clear, turquoise sky

While a lone rabbit appears and silently watches as I stroll by.

Along the path, up a small woodsy ridge and round the bend I go

And there I found a hidden, wooden gazebo built so long ago.

With contentment, I reach the steps and soon find a seat inside.

Here I can watch nature, happily read, or quietly write.

I relax and read in hushed silence enjoying the natural beauty surrounding me

I look up from my book and find a light brown fawn watching ever so keenly.

The young deer creeps closer reaching the edge of my temporary gazebo home

I could almost reach him and almost caress his quivering wet nose

Face to face, eyes to eyes we watch the other with lengthening intrigue

This young visitor seems to view me with intense yet quiet curiosity

While I remain as still as a lifeless statue, barely breathing

And soon a doe appears summoning her wayward, spotted offspring.

And so into the woods the mother and child gracefully and quietly disappear.

What a wondrous treasure to see them as I silently sit and ponder here.

Too soon its’ time to go home, and back to living in everyday reality

But I will be back to view what other beauty nature will gladly reveal to me.

Writing 101 Assignment One: Becky’s Rambling Mind



This is my blog. A special site and place that I’ve created where I can attempt to loosen and refocus my mind. And I have hoped that this blog would be helpful and inspiring to others. It is hard to know everyday something to write. Some days, I am very shocked when a firm idea appears out of seemingly nowhere and I can immediately write about it. It is especially surprising when it becomes a logical piece of writing in no time. This has happened several times with the daily prompts that I come across. But there are plenty of other days when nothing seems to come to me. I search through my own poetry books and other older writings looking for something suitable for my blog site. It took me a long time to develop a full fledged idea and theme for my blog. I read about blog writings and I have pondered and pondered over them. What could I do that might different from other blogs and be interesting for someone to read. I pondered that for a long time before any good idea solidified itself inside my muddling brain but hurray, I did arrive at a theme that was pleasing to me and hurray a few others have come to visit it and to offer their praise and support of the theme that I proposed to follow for this little blog. But now the challenge is on to write and write each day, an article, a poem, or some thoughtful verse which could brighten up someone’s day. Now, I do not expect everyone who sees my blog to like everything I do. After we are each different, you’re not me and I’m not you. We’re two different people living in this world and enduring very different life experiences. We’re not going to share all the same interests and we’re not going to share the same opinions and views. But let that be because you are you and I am me. We come from different walks in life, while I grew up on a farm, perhaps you grew up in the city. While my travels do not extend far perhaps you have flown out of this country and have seen beautiful places and people of which I can only dream. But that is ok with me, I am still glad you came to visit me on this page of photos, prose, and poetry. I hope you liked something here but if not, I don’t mind. But I hope while you are you and I am me although we may never meet, may we both live in peace and harmony. I was told today to write my thoughts down, to keep writing, and never stopping. So now I have done so.  One to assignment 2 in Writing 101.