Summer Slipping Away


Oh no oh my, oh look at how time does fly!

It seems just yesterday, that summer just came

Although a bit cool and some drenching rain

But now oh no! But now look, oh woe!

Summer is quietly slipping with each passing evening

Must enjoy and treasure this time while I still can;

I must soak in the warmth and beaming sunshine.

Before the hot blowing breeze become intensely freezing

And before the stately trees are stripped bare of their fluttering leaves.

Oh yes and before the lush green landscape becomes heavy laden

With snow so blinding, so hurling that there’s no escaping!

But oh, let me slow down and pause for this intervening clause,

Like an old friend, autumn will first come with brilliant shades of red, orange and

Yellow before they fall away turning a dull brown.

Humidity will lessen its grip leaving the atmosphere fresh and

Clear; no longer heavy and thick.

Oh yes, gentle Autumn will wrap itself around me

With its sweet aromas and cool blowing breeze.

But still I need to decide today with no further delay

To enjoy this sizzling summer before it finally slips away.

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