Daily Archives: September 1, 2014

A Long Stormy Night


Though it is early evening thick graying clouds cover the sun

Darkness is descending and I sense a shadow of coming doom.

With one lamp turned on I fidget in the semi darkness

I cannot be still; I cannot find peace and rest.

Reports are streaming in describing a night of gloom.

I gaze out the window knowing what will come soon.

Rumbles of thunder and lightning will flash across the sky

As I sit here alone and restless on this pending stormy night.

The wind will sway and whistle through the trees;

Such a haunting, eerie sound that I can’t calm my shaking knees.

Away from the windows I hover breathless and hiding deep inside

Fearing that first crack of thunder coming tonight.

No one to talk to and no one to comfort and hold my hand

As I sit alone waiting for this long fearsome night to end.

I crouch in quiet dread not even bothering to go to bed

As I ponder and wonder about this tumultuous night ahead.

God seems far away right now, though I know that’s not true

He is watching over me as I sit alone in this darkened room.

It is darker now as the thickened clouds are drifting closer to me.

Soon it will be pitch black and I will no longer see

Encroaching danger lies so close by; somewhere near, just outside

Oh here it comes, the first rumble of thunder; the first hint of a long stormy night.