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Missing My Mom


Her smiling face and her voice laced with gentle laughter

Quiet moments resting in her favorite chair.

Long walks around the fields to the hidden pond

Just to hear frogs croak and melodious birdsong.

Clanging sounds and sweet aromas drifting from the kitchen

With sourdough bread and pineapple ham baking in the oven

Busy hands and nimble fingers moving in rhythm

Crocheting a doll, slippers or perhaps a colorful afghan

Grand Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations

With the house full of joyful and elated loved ones.

Keeping us all together on a thundering, stormy night

To lessen our cries, our fear and overwhelming fright.

On a cold wintry day, building a fire in the fireplace

So we can rest in its’ warm, and comforting embrace.

Long, peaceful visits on a quiet summer eve

Such sweet memories that will never leave.