Daily Archives: February 4, 2014

In reference to my Winter’s Rainbow poem, I wanted to explain that those wintry illusions we see in the sky are often called sun dogs, but I like to call them winter’s rainbows. The first time, I saw one I was so amazed by it. I have learned since that time, to watch the sky whether it be during the day or at night because you never know when God will show you something awesome and inspiring. The picture that you see here is not the brightest sun dog that I’ve seen. I didn’t have a camera at that time so it only remains in my memory. These ‘rainbows’ illusions can occur when the temperature is very cold, say around 0 degrees F. or colder. Due to very cold temps this year, I have seen several of them in a short amount of time. It is as if God is giving us a ray of hope as we trudge through these very cold and wintry days. Here is a question, what do you find inspiring during the winter months?