Daily Archives: February 3, 2014

Winter’s Rainbow


I awoke one early morning when the sky was like a crisp cold Arctic sea.

I donned my warmest attire and embarked on a lonesome journey.

The flat prairie around was covered by a sheet of frozen white snow.

As I traveled in the strange quietness, my eyes noticed the sun’s eerie glow.

Above the horizon of naked trees stripped of their garment of leaves,

I peered into the cerulean blue sky trying not to mind the biting, frigid breeze.

The sun sat low in its skyward climb transmitting the strangest glow.

It was a specter of blinding light surrounded by an arched blazing halo.

Though far away the glittering vision was as brilliant as I’ve ever seen.

It was a rare winter’s rainbow planting a seed of hope inside of me.

Through the remainder of the day I journeyed and toiled to the end.

And in my mind and heart, i held on to that vision, that dazzling and rare rainbow of the sun.

A Little About Me


I wanted to start this blog just as a way to share some little piece of inspiration and hope. I think we all need a bit of that. To begin with, I grew up in a very rural area of Wisconsin and lived on a small farm there. I went to a small school and Unfortunately, I was one of those kids who was teased a lot and put down for many reasons. My extreme shyness did not help matters. But when away from school, I did find comfort and a safe place to be with family and with the close friends I did have. I also found peace and comfort through faith in God and in nature.

How I wish that this world, could a beautiful passageway for us all. We all need a place to feel safe, sense God’s love, and be inspired. It is my hope that this simple blog could be a safe place for others to come and find some hope or inspiration in their day.  So, with this  blog, I aim to post a little poem, or a picture or at least a thought of inspiration for the day. And I hope that  this is somehow helpful and encouraging to others who may see my post today.