Guest Writer: Kathy B May 31 2014

Every so often, I plan to let a guest writer or blogger share some of their creative writings on my blog. I asked my cousin Kathy if she would like to share because she is a talented poet and writer who clearly writes with her heart. Today, she had been fondly thinking of her parents who both have passed away and wrote this heartfelt poem as a special tribute to them:


Special Memories

By Kathy B:

Lord, bring to my mind memories sweet and precious that help me see Your hand at work in my life over the days and years gone by. I praise You today for memories that make me smile – I will never forget.

I recall when you sat up with me night after night when I was ill,

I recall the healing touch of your motherly, gentle hands on me still.

Dad, I recall your roaring laugh when I said or did something to tickle your funny bone,

It would rise above the noisy din as if it were for my ears alone.

Take care you both until we meet again in our eternal home.

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