My Ballerina Shoes



Several years have passed since this silly tale came true;

Of the time I wore my midnight black ballerina shoes

I was shopping one bright day with the sky so vividly blue

As I needed new shoes for the work I do

I needed to dress up and I needed to be casual too

So I went searching for a pair of black dressy but casual shoes

I searched the shelves and found my size

And I found these black, low heeled shoes, oh how wise!

Oh yes, short heels are just right for me

Otherwise I may topple most embarrassingly.

How I so wish I could be taller

but for safety I must remain flat-footed and smaller.

These shoes were open style slippers with thin straps

Which wound across my feet like slender wraps.

With delight I thought, “how so very cute

for they resemble ballerina shoes!”

I tried them on and since they fit oh just fine

I bought them and journeyed back into the sunshine.

I wore my new shoes to work and I wore them to church

Everywhere I went others did look and not just a few

I received many positive comments about my ballerina shoes.

“Oh look those are the cutest shoes

And your feet look so dainty in that midnight hue!”

I received compliments in the office, on the street and in the stairwell.

I heard so many nice comments that my small head began to swell.

I loved hearing such kind words all about me

That I wore my ballerina shoes ever so constantly

Even at church, as I hurried in late

A handsome usher’s eyes stared at my feet with his bright blue gaze!

Whether the compliments came direct or indirect,

I devoured them all, oh yes, I just ate them up!

Weather didn’t matter; sunshine, rain, or storm

I slid into those dainty shoes early every morn.

Then came winter with the north wind and bitter cold

And then arrived the frigid rain and drifts of snow.

I didn’t want to give up wearing my ballerina shoes

So I wondered and wondered what to do.

Oh I know, I’ll wear warm socks as black as my shoes

Oh, yes, now I will still look so very dainty and cute!!

So I kept on wearing my pretty ballerina shoes

With socks the color of dark midnight hue

And I couldn’t believe it, wouldn’t you know?

I received even more compliments, oh way to go!!

I so enjoyed looking so pretty and nice.

Isn’t it lucky that I didn’t fall on the ice?

I wore my favorite shoes through the winter, spring, summer and fall

Enjoying compliments from everyone in the elevator and the hall

For once at the waiting elevator, I stepped daintily inside

“Hey, I like your shoes!” exclaimed a woman holding groceries at her side

Oh, yes, my swelled head remained poised so incredibly high

With my heightened ego reaching the lofty sky!

But alas, what was I going to do?

For something was wrong with my pretty ballerina shoes

as the soles beneath have started to wear

And pebbles I could feel embedded in there.

Oh yes and cracks began to show through

My once pretty and dainty ballerina shoes!

I knew the end was coming all too soon

When I could no longer wear my ballerina shoes.

I vainly searched for another pair, oh how I tried

But none could be found and I so deeply sighed

I bought another pair of black slip on shoes

But they are not as dainty or nearly as cute

And with a soft sigh of dismay,

I reluctantly threw my ballerina shoes away.

And the dear Lord seemed to gently say,

“Good, that is enough of you

parading in  your ballerina shoes!”

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