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Poetry 201 Assignment 6 Hero(ine), Ballad, and Anaphora/Epistrophe



Yep, I am still in that poetry class and we are on week 2 now. In this assignment I was to write a ballad (a story that can be set to music) about a hero or a heroine. The hero could be a real life figure or a fictional character. I decided on a fictional character being influenced by Cinderella. Additionally, the ballad needed to have a repeated phrase I the beginning or the ending.  I had a lot of fun writing this rather fairy tale ballad and I hope you enjoy it.

The Ballad of Cindy Cinders Cinderina

Cindy Cinders was a young, freckled heroine

Who tried to be as dainty and pristine

As a floating, dancing ballerina.

 Famed with the surname of Cinderina,

She eagerly enrolled and took a hopeful chance

To learn how to swing, tap, and slow dance.

She tried to waltz, ballet, and a bit of do-si-do

But too often stepped upon her partner’s toes.

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes, dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

She then tried to walk so poised, serene and

As proper as a princess or a queen.

But her formal frock was much too long

And she tripped breaking her high-heeled thongs.

Not one to give up her lofty dream too soon so instead

She quietly held up high her swelled and freckled head.

Cindy Cinders dated a young, dashing and heroic prince

Who of her fine, dainty, gracefulness just wasn’t convinced.

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

Finally with sadness Cindy Cinders came to understand

That she could never be truly graceful or so grand

It was time she knew to alter her dream

To something she could triumphantly achieve

Deflated, tearful, and stuck in a saddened slump

Cindy Cinders sat and thought upon her favorite stump

“What good and fine thing can I possibly do

And still to myself remain ever faithfully true?”

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

Cindy Cinders walked and gazed in quiet serenity

Deep inside the lush forest and along the tranquil sea

She strolled across the meadows and the vast prairieland

Staring at the snowcapped mountains, majestic and grand

Then that night when the glittering stars shone so bright

Cindy Cinders arose in her bed and felt compelled to write

She couldn’t wait till morning light but had to start

Recording all the secret words buried inside her heart

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

Then a full week and several rainy days later

The visiting king happened to read her scribbled papers.

He was amazed and astonished to read and see

Cindy Cinders convey such loveliness and beauty

“Oh Cindy Cinders” replied the elated king,

“Your verses are delightful and so charming

Would you consider reciting your enchanting poems

For all the households of my kingdom?”

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

Cindy Cinders was startled and pleasantly surprised

As new tears welled and stung her pale blue eyes,

“Yes, Your Highness, I will gladly recite for the kingdom

And perhaps my verses will encourage everyone.”

So Cindy Cinders discovered inside herself a new dream

That she could truthfully and triumphantly achieve

She was crowned the Royal Princess Poet for the kingdom

Where all were enchanted by her wonderfully rhyming poems

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

My Ballerina Shoes



Several years have passed since this silly tale came true;

Of the time I wore my midnight black ballerina shoes

I was shopping one bright day with the sky so vividly blue

As I needed new shoes for the work I do

I needed to dress up and I needed to be casual too

So I went searching for a pair of black dressy but casual shoes

I searched the shelves and found my size

And I found these black, low heeled shoes, oh how wise!

Oh yes, short heels are just right for me

Otherwise I may topple most embarrassingly.

How I so wish I could be taller

but for safety I must remain flat-footed and smaller.

These shoes were open style slippers with thin straps

Which wound across my feet like slender wraps.

With delight I thought, “how so very cute

for they resemble ballerina shoes!”

I tried them on and since they fit oh just fine

I bought them and journeyed back into the sunshine.

I wore my new shoes to work and I wore them to church

Everywhere I went others did look and not just a few

I received many positive comments about my ballerina shoes.

“Oh look those are the cutest shoes

And your feet look so dainty in that midnight hue!”

I received compliments in the office, on the street and in the stairwell.

I heard so many nice comments that my small head began to swell.

I loved hearing such kind words all about me

That I wore my ballerina shoes ever so constantly

Even at church, as I hurried in late

A handsome usher’s eyes stared at my feet with his bright blue gaze!

Whether the compliments came direct or indirect,

I devoured them all, oh yes, I just ate them up!

Weather didn’t matter; sunshine, rain, or storm

I slid into those dainty shoes early every morn.

Then came winter with the north wind and bitter cold

And then arrived the frigid rain and drifts of snow.

I didn’t want to give up wearing my ballerina shoes

So I wondered and wondered what to do.

Oh I know, I’ll wear warm socks as black as my shoes

Oh, yes, now I will still look so very dainty and cute!!

So I kept on wearing my pretty ballerina shoes

With socks the color of dark midnight hue

And I couldn’t believe it, wouldn’t you know?

I received even more compliments, oh way to go!!

I so enjoyed looking so pretty and nice.

Isn’t it lucky that I didn’t fall on the ice?

I wore my favorite shoes through the winter, spring, summer and fall

Enjoying compliments from everyone in the elevator and the hall

For once at the waiting elevator, I stepped daintily inside

“Hey, I like your shoes!” exclaimed a woman holding groceries at her side

Oh, yes, my swelled head remained poised so incredibly high

With my heightened ego reaching the lofty sky!

But alas, what was I going to do?

For something was wrong with my pretty ballerina shoes

as the soles beneath have started to wear

And pebbles I could feel embedded in there.

Oh yes and cracks began to show through

My once pretty and dainty ballerina shoes!

I knew the end was coming all too soon

When I could no longer wear my ballerina shoes.

I vainly searched for another pair, oh how I tried

But none could be found and I so deeply sighed

I bought another pair of black slip on shoes

But they are not as dainty or nearly as cute

And with a soft sigh of dismay,

I reluctantly threw my ballerina shoes away.

And the dear Lord seemed to gently say,

“Good, that is enough of you

parading in  your ballerina shoes!”