Sunday Drive Roundup October 26, 2014



Well it is one day past Sunday but I am determined to make a trip around the blogosphere and see what interesting things that talented bloggers are blogging about. As I travel on today, I am finding some insightful and practical sites which provided helpful tips and encouragement in the art of blogging, nature photography, poetry, and encouragement.

The Art of Blogging:

Some great blogging tips and ideas from Hugh’s News and Views:

Apparently there was such a great response to this very helpful blogging tip article that Hugh’s News and Views posted a second installment:

Nature Photography and Poetry:

I also found some wonderful photography illustrated with beautiful poetry by Leaf and Twig:

And more beautiful poems posted Forgotten Meadows:

Inspirational Poetry and Encouragement:

Here is a deep, heart-touching poem by Christian Blessings:

And here is some inspirational encouragement that is sure to boost your spirits today posted by ANGELMD45:

I hope you find something in this post that encourages and lifts you up today.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Drive Roundup October 26, 2014

  1. beckyg1003 Post author

    You’re welcome Hugh! Your blogging tips are great and you do a wonderful job explaining each one. I plan to keep it handy for easy reference!! Hope you have a great, great day.

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