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Friday Verse Journal I Samuel 16:7b



At times, I feel a sense of rejection and also failure. I find this in relationships, sometimes at work, and in my endeavors to be a writer. Many times this is because I have made an error or fall to sin. Other times it is because others only see my outward appearance and my outward actions without understanding my heart or my thoughts. And often the world will only see what it wants to see, remain unkind, and not seek understanding. I know there others who may feel that way too. Only God can see us on the inside. Only God can understand the depths of our thoughts and our hearts and in God’s lovely eyes we are accepted into his infinite love. God can see what others cannot see; God can see the beauty hidden deep inside of you and me.

I Samuel 16:7b (Holy Bible English Standard Version):

“For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outside appearance but the Lord looks on the heart.”

Guest Poet Kathy B October 16 2014



The Tree’s Four Seasons

Spring brings new, gleaming green life to the bare and lonely tree,

The tree waves in the gentler wind, happy as the leaves bud free,

Summer brings the sun which shines on its beautiful carpet of leaves,

Autumn brings the most brilliant yellows, reds, and pumpkin oranges

Just before the mean winds of November come to blow causing the glorious leaves to tumble,

Rakes and blowers noisily and greedily scoop up the beauty as people grumble,

All winter long, the tree is bare and lonely without its friends, its precious leaves,

It may even lose a few of its limbs as the ice and snow weighs the sad tree down,

The tree awaits the promise of warmer days, and the bird’s song, hurry Spring,

So the leaves will once again cover it happily, like a gorgeous green gown.