Heavenward and unfaltering gaze

Of optimism and unceasing praise

Persevering in God’s work of love

Empowered by His Spirit which has descended like a dove

Filled with gladness all the day long

Uttering thankfulness in word and song

Listening to the Lord with open mind and heart

Never forgetting his word; not letting his wisdom depart

Ever mindful of Jesus’ death and resurrection and our eternal future

Saved forever from our humanly faulty and sinful nature

Savior Jesus will come soon and lead us to his everlasting home.

2 thoughts on “Living with HOPEFULNESS

  1. katb8587

    Here is a devotional I found to go well with this from Joni Earickson Tada.

    Grandma Grace’s Bible

    “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

    Hebrews 13:8

    When I travel with my friends, Bev and Francie, we always enjoy heading back to our hotel room after a busy day of appointments and speaking engagements. We put on our pajamas, pile into bed together, and open up the Bible for devotions.

    One evening it was Francie’s turn to lead the hymns and Scripture reading. She rummaged through her suitcase and brought out an old, tattered Bible. “This is my Grandma Grace’s,” she smiled as she snuggled between Bev and me.

    Francie cracked open the Bible. The binding was torn, and she carefully turned each delicate page. Francie tilted the book so we could read Grandma Grace’s faded scribbles in the margin. In old-fashioned script, we got an up-close look at this elderly woman’s love for the Lord Jesus. Her words were nearly a century old, but the love of which she wrote was anything but obsolete.

    As Francie read aloud her grandmother’s personal notes, I felt as though this woman shared the rhythm of my heart. We were kindred spirits. We could have been best friends. And her notes weren’t reminiscent of dusty days gone by, for each word was a powerful and poignant reminder that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


    There’s nothing old or worn out about the love of God. His love has not yellowed with age. It is neither fragile nor ragged at the edges. God’s love is as current now as it was a century ago, as fresh today as it will be tomorrow. Today, praise the Lord that He is the same, always loving, always merciful, and that with Him there is no shadow of turning.

    Jesus, I’m amazed that You never change. You are always faithful. Your promises are time-tested. Together with the saints of the ages, including Grandma Grace… I praise You!


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