Rejoicing at CHRISTMAS Time



Although this is a week late, i still wanted to post a new Christmas poem. Due to computer trouble, I have not been posting here and am currently using an old computer until I get the other one fixed or replaced. A valuable lesson to learn is to be diligent about backing up your data!!  I didn’t have everything backed up so have lost some very valuable work. Or at least it was to me. So I am trying to recover what I can. Anyway, I hope everyone who reads this had a very blessed and wonderful Christmas with friends and families. And I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful New Year too.

Celebration of Jesus’ birth

Heavenly angels sang on earth

Redeemer lived and walked among us

Immanuel, Immanuel is our Lord Jesus

Shepherds came with their flocks of sheep

Traveling wise men journeyed far to see

Manger is where Jesus quietly laid

Atop a mattress of straw and hay

Savior Jesus was humbly born early on Christmas morn

2 thoughts on “Rejoicing at CHRISTMAS Time

  1. jameslantern

    aah becky dont worry just know that your computer meltdown was not your own fault.accepting responsibility is selfrighteous or justification by the are on a journey,God is good and satan is bad,christ took your place that you may take his positions doctrinally with christ and you will taste and see that the lord is good.i.e abraham lied about his wife being just his sister what was the consequences,riches.depend on God’s love for you and not your love for God.1john.4;10


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