The Great Lord of Love


May the Geat Lord of Love answer you

When you are troubled and feeling blue

May He clothe you in his cape of enduring love

Keeping you safe for his majestic home above.

May he send you help and assurance from up high

raining hope and mercy from the heavenly skies.

May he remember all you have done;

Your many kindnesses and your works of love.

May the Lord give you the wishes you’ve impart

so deeply inside your yearning heart.

And may His mighty hand gently lead you

on a path of abundance and saving truth.

So that your lifelong journey may lead

to a place of splendor and  joyful victory.

Where his blessings like the morning dew

shower your days with peace and happiness too.

Yes, oh yes, may the Great Lord of Love

Who sits enthroned in the heavens above

Grant you kindness, joy, and grace everyday

for you to treasure while traveling along life’s way.

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