Writing 101 Day Eight: Death of the Adverbs



Well, in this latest assignment, I was to write something about a public place and eliminate all the adverbs! That is often hard to do but I tried. I don’t believe I succeeded in eliminating all of them but you can let me know what you think. So here is my latest poem for you to enjoy and I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Along the River Trail

The other day, a friend and I together

Determined to stroll along the Minnesota River.

We started by the old town depot

Where the steamboats used to come and go.

But today double rail tracks remain

For the passing freight and cargo trains.

It was a warm and beautiful day

With the water glistening beneath the sun’s rays.

We walked along a narrow paved road

somewhat eroded from the last flood

The grayish flood wall on our right

Kept the city out of sight

While the flowing river remained

Stationed on our left side.

That is until we turned around

To return where we started from.

Below the cement trail galore

Stretched out a long and rocky shore.

The water flowed along in a gentle current

 Propelled by a soft and blowing wind.

As we walked along together

Enjoying the sunshine and warm weather,

A Canadian goose stepped along the stones

But lo, we found he was not alone.

For another meandering goose appeared nearby

And together they slipped into the water’s side.

They glided past us in gentle and quiet company

Until a roaring motorboat disrupted their peaceful journey.

While one fowl sprang and soared south the other flew north

And only one circled around returning to the rocky shore.

He glided into the water swimming near the stones;

Peacefulness had returned but now he was alone.

 My heart twitched and ached at this sight

To see this lone creature taking silent and solitary flight.

We continued to stroll along the Minnesota River Trail

Being met by other walkers with a dog and his wagging tail.

Soon my friend and I returned to where we started from;

It was time to go home and for this journey to be done.

So we left the old brick depot; a century aged place

Where time once was slower and life not such an urban race.

But what a splendid day we had decided to share

Blessed with hope and the fragrance of spring in the air.

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