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Writing 101 Day Two: A Room with a View


I Would Zoom to Heaven

If I could go anywhere and see anything then

I would zoom to heaven to see my mom again.

She had left too suddenly and too soon;

Unexpectedly, her life on earth came to an end.

I cannot describe the pain and the void

That sometimes dwells inside my heart

All I can say is that I ache so deeply

As in my mind and thoughts, she is never very far.

I know she is well now with no more pain and

No more heartaches or streaming tears

No more illnesses or hardships and

No more thunderstorms or evilness to fear.

What would she being doing if I

Could fly this moment to her side?

I am sure she’d be wandering through

Heaven’s garden and pause with a contented sigh.

Eagerly, she might follow a sandy path

Lined with tall grass and daisies of every hue

To the rim of a lake just to hear the choir

Of the frogs and the chirping crickets, too.

How she loved flowers, the birds, and

Droopy weeping willow trees.

Perhaps she’d relax in a patio chair

Watching, gazing ever so peacefully.

Just like at home, she’d sit just outside

Near a bubbling fountain pond

With the water glistening beneath

The sun’s warm, extending arms.

She’d watch for hummingbirds and

Perhaps an oriole would fly near

Their colorful wings would flutter while

They daintily sipped from the feeders.

Tulips would be in bloom in a

Nearby, carefully planted flowerbed

Some pink, some yellow,

And some vividly red.

Another flowerbed would lay

Across a grassy, shallow hill

Blooming with sunny

Yellow daffodils.

Cedar and oak trees would

Stand flanking the road

Concealing the yard and

Maintaining the quietness of

our century old country home.

Perhaps, a giant pine tree would tower nearby

As if guarding this new peaceful paradise;

This new home in the heavenly blue sky.

Then mom would reach to hug me so tenderly

Saying, “I know you are sad and so alone but

You mustn’t worry so much about me.

For I am well with Jesus always at my side

And here everything is as it was meant to be.”

I would sit a while longer feeling her

Arms gently and lovingly hold me;

Not wanting her to let go but knowing that

I must return where I am meant to be.

For whatever is my work and my purpose

On earth, it is not done; not yet complete.

So reluctantly I would return to finish

The special tasks, God has in mind for me.

Tasks of kindness and caring, and

Of sharing God’s never-ending love.

Tasks also of helping others

So they may have relief and hope.

For God has a purpose for us all

And a perfect, everlasting plan

I must choose to believe and trust him

Even when I don’t understand.

Knowing also that my mom is watching

And Jesus always helps me ever so faithfully

I’ll willingly return and quietly finish the

Special work God has in mind for me.

Writing 101 Day 1: Unlocking the Mind



I came home today after a long drive past the woods, over some hills and finally across the prairie. Such a peaceful and quiet of just sitting in the car, driving and driving and looking at the scenery. Not that there is much to see since winter is barely over and spring has begun. Much of the grass is brown yet and the trees are as bare as they can be. Such a time of transition from winter to spring. Watching the last of the snow melting away and eagerly watching for the first hint of the grass turning green. Such hopefulness can be heard and seen in the birds as they flutter around from tree to tree singing and chirping so delightedly. Even when the day is gloomy as the sky is overcast in thick gray clouds, the melodious birds seem to have no worries. I saw robins, chickadees and even some geese as they all have returned in hopes re-establishing their homes. I wish I could be that contend and as cheerful as they seem to be. And not be so worried from one day to the next. Oh that is such a challenge for me! To choose to be content and let all my worries cease. I will keep trying to master that as I continue to watch my feathered neighbors fly and swoop from tree to tree ever so seemingly oblivious to the obstacles and challenges they do not yet see. Therefore, I will try to travel forward as my day transition to evening and then my even to late night. I will try to rest and stay at peace until morning light. Soon my days will transform into a week and my weeks will add up to a month and it will interesting to see, if indeed I have maintained this choice of remaining at peace in spite of whatever lies ahead of me. I will give this a try and we shall see if I really master the simple skill of choosing and remaining at peace in my mind, in my heart, and in the deepest part of my soul with true contentment and sincerity.

Easter: A Time to REJOICE

Easter Cross

Remember Jesus nailed on the cross

Ever willingly, he suffered and died for us

Joyfully he served and gently he shared

Of God’s love for man on earth

Individually and personally, he wants to be

Compassionate, forgiving Savior for you and me

Ever humbly he bowed his head and died on Good Friday

  And rose victoriously on Easter Sunday.


Philippians 4:4-5 (Holy Bible New International Version):

“Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.”