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What Jesus Sees in Me


Jesus sees in me all my pain and all my fears

Also all my insecurities hidden inside for years

Jesus sees in me all my failures in my daily journey

And each inhibiting unkindness inflicted on me

Jesus sees in me my brokenness and hopes unfulfilled

He hears my hidden sobs when the nights are still

Jesus also sees in me an inquisitive and curious person

Who stares at the wildflowers and studies the heavens

Who walks through the forest and across the prairieland

Also along the seashore sinking her feet in the sand

Who tries to find lasting beauty in everything she sees

And strives to be gentle and kind to everyone she meets

Jesus sees in me a person who journeys nearly every day

And reaches out to help others along the way

Some days are filled with unseen trials and others are fine

But Jesus knows the way through the tangled briars and the brine

Jesus also sees in me my dreams and inspirations.

My visions and perhaps too lofty aspirations

Of all that I still hope and desire to yet do

He sees my determined endurance to see each day through

Jesus sees in me quiet inner beauty

When I only see shyness and insecurity

Finally Jesus sees in me, the perfect person I will be

At home in heaven where I will live for glorious eternity