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Writing 101 Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice


Four of My Favorite Songs

I am on day three of this blogging writing class which has already been challenging. Today I am to work on making writing a habit. Indeed, I need to work more on that. I need to set aside daily time for it and remain committed to it. More specifically for this assignment, I am to free write about three of my favorite songs. I am having a difficult time just selecting three songs because I have so many favorites. One favorite though that keeps popping in my head is an old hymn named, How Great Thou Art. That has been a favorite since my childhood when I and my siblings would attend this Vacation Bible School not too far from the farm we lived on. We rode our bikes there every day and joined all the neighborhood kids and our cousins there. It was always an enjoyable experience where we met teachers who traveled from Chicago to teach Bible school classes in this old one room school house. I loved the words and the majestic music of that song. Today I really enjoy hearing it played by an orchestra. I have a download of it on my computer so I can listen to it anytime I would like. The words of it are very special too starting off with a beautiful appreciation and description of all the wonderful things God had created to the verse of Jesus dying for our sins on the cross and finally the hope we have in anticipating Jesus’ return. That song always warms and thrills my heart.

Another favorite is an old Christmas hymn called Hark the Herald Angels. Again, this song sounds very majestic and beautiful and gives a sense of joy and hope whenever I hear it. I make sure every Christmas that I get to hear this particular song. I can’t remember the first time I heard this one but I make sure to listen for it at the end whenever I catch the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown program on TV. It also tends to show up on other old Christmas programs. Again, it is another favorite song resounding from my childhood years.

Hum, I need to consider another song yet. I do have two favorite patriotic songs; This Land is Your Land and God Bless America. Again, they both are from my childhood days when I attended elementary school. I liked This Land is Your Land so much that I had memorized three verses of it and never knew there was a fourth until recently. I liked the idea it conveyed of all of sharing this land, our home, in peace with each other. The first time I heard God Bless America, I was spellbound by it. I just loved the gentleness of this song and to me it is gentle prayer in which we are asking God to in his never-ending love, to bless our country. Every time I hear it, I feel a sense of calmness, peace, and a desire to be closer to God.

Writing 101 Assignment 3: More Ramblings by Becky

Humm, I am to write about my 3 favorite songs. And I am supposed to write and write without correcting my spelling, punctuation, or grammar. That drove me nuts. I went back and corrected it all because I want readers to understand what I write. So here are my latest ramblings of my mind:

What are my 3 most favorite songs? I know a lot of songs and I like a lot of songs. This is hard. Let me think on this. Well, to begin with my favorite Christmas song ever is “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”. I like the majestic sounding music of that song and the words portray hope and peace on earth and may all nations be peaceable. And it focuses on Jesus who was born in Bethlehem, Jesus the hope of Christmas.

Humm let me think of another great and favorite song, oh I know, “The Circle of Life” song featured in The Lion King and sung by Elton John. To me that song inspires one to cherish the planet we all live on. I especially love the line, “sun rolling high in sapphire skies.”…that just captures my imagination as I consider the natural beauty of earth. And we’re to not take our days, our time on earth for granted.

Let me think, another very special favorite song is “How Great Thou Art”. A very old hymn and it too is very majestic sounding. Hearing a great rendition of it by an orchestra sends chills up my spine. The words also are beautiful. The first two verses focus on the beauty of our universe and earth. The last two verses focus on God and his son Jesus.  I have loved that song since going to vacation bible school when I was a kid. We rode our bikes there to an old one room school house where all the kids of the neighborhood met up to visit, learn, and play at this old schoolhouse. The teachers were kind and very interesting. There were from Chicago and the beauty of Wisconsin really captured them. They thought our hills were beautiful mountains. I guess they never been to California or Wyoming. Now those states have mountains, I have seen them and tried to climb them. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing those teachers every summer and I treasured that time in that old schoolhouse.