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Sunday Drive Round Up June 22, 2014


Cruising around the blogosphere and the web to find hope and inspiration in Genealogy, and Space Exploration. For some reason I dove into history and then leaped into the future.


Here is a helpful blog site which describes determining strategies and goals in conducting family research and includes links to other helpful links:

Genealogy with Valerie:


Here is another interesting story related to genealogy but a different twist in that the article focuses on saving and restoring an 1841 American whaling ship. A small group of  passengers with unique interests have opportunity to sail on the historic ship:

Australian National Maritime Museum:



Space Exploration:

For those that are inspired to know the latest in exploring Mars here is a site dedicated to space exploration and updates from the International Space Station. One of the latest stories is about the the Martian rover, Curiosity:


And here is an interesting article of a NASA engineer physicist working on the first space warp ship:


To find another very interesting article about this read:



Sunday Drive Round Up for June 8, 2014




Finding Hope and Inspiration in Poetry, Writing, and Genealogy

Oops!! A day late but I am determined to write a little round up of some interesting blog sites and articles I visited this past week:

Here is yet another touching and self-searching poem by Source of Inspiration. The writer reminds us to look to our Creator who wants what’s best for us:


In relation to the art of writing and publishing, I came across this very timely and interesting article written by author David Guaghran:


Here is another interesting article about the fun in discovering family stories in genealogy research. It also includes useful links related to ancestry research:

Genealogy with Valerie:





Sunday Drive Roundup June 1, 2014



Finding Hope and Inspiration in Poetry, Photography, and Genealogy!

Time once again for another Sunday drive around the blogosphere looking for blogs which are inspirational and hopeful. This past week, I looked at various posts centered on photography, poetry, and genealogy.

To begin with I have found some inspirational poetry on these two blog sites:

Here is a blogger, John Thomas Dodds, who is committed to writing a new poem every day. He has quite a collection of poetry and photographs. To me each poet I have found while cruising around the blogosphere is incredibly unique and one can catch a glimpse of the writer’s personality when reading their creative work:


Another blogger, Shawn L. Bird, who’s an author and poet also her has own hopeful and inspiring collection of poetry and you can find some her wonderful work here:


Now on to photography; I just simply admire beautiful and unique photography and found myself gazing at the work of these talented bloggers this past week:

Here is a very unique photo artist who specializes in beautifully unique photography. This blogger is truly an artist behind the camera:


And finally, a new category! I have an interest in genealogy research and have found several blog sites about it:

Here is a blogger who shares informational tips, his insights, and his own family research. He also includes links to other genealogy sites:


Here is another blogger who has conducted extensive genealogy research and has discovered some very interesting family history. He shares some of family stories here. His research discoveries are inspiring me to resume my own family research which I am taken a long break from. Enjoy reading:


Well, that concludes another Sunday drive around the blogosphere, hope you enjoy these sites as much as I have.