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I wanted to start this blog just as a way to share some little piece of inspiration and hope. I think we all need a bit of that. To begin with, I grew up in a very rural area of Wisconsin and lived on a small farm there. I went to a small school and Unfortunately, I was one of those kids who was teased a lot and put down for many reasons. My extreme shyness did not help matters. But when away from school, I did find comfort and a safe place to be with family and with the close friends I did have. I also found peace and comfort through faith in God and in nature.

How I wish that this world, could a beautiful passageway for us all. We all need a place to feel safe, sense God’s love, and be inspired. It is my hope that this simple blog could be a safe place for others to come and find some hope or inspiration in their day.  So, with this  blog, I aim to post a little poem, or a picture or at least a thought of inspiration for the day. And I hope that  this is somehow helpful and encouraging to others who may see my post today.


4 thoughts on “A Little About Me

  1. Kathy Baker

    Hi Becky,
    My Blessed Miracles – My Letter to Jesus
    Life have thrown some shocking curve balls my way! Some have been so wonderful, for example, the birth of my brother, meeting my husband, the birth of my daughter and meeting a cousin who seemed long lost to me. All were uniquely special in their own way. My only sibling, my brother was born almost twelve years after me! His birth was my first major answered prayer! It seemed about as likely to me as Elizabeth giving birth to Abraham, yet it happened!
    After being told that it was highly unlikely that anyone would want to marry me, yet it happened. I often felt like the demon possessed man that You encountered – the one everyone ran from. You were discouraged from talking to him. Yet, these are the type of people that you did make time for – the ones nobody else gave the time of day! Someone gave the time of day and gave me his name. I love this man with all my heart! Thank God the other phone was busy because he may never have called me. If call waiting had been around, I may not be married today!
    Several doctors told me that I would never be a mother, yet it happened. I did not know I was pregnant, but I gave birth to a baby girl that I love more than life. This baby was over eight pounds in spite of no special pre –natal care. This was a secret prayer of mine to be a mother. You blessed me!
    After twelve years, a long lost cousin was able to make contact with me. This may not seem very miraculous, but she did know my married name, nor my correct address! Yet, it happened; her letter found me! And so began a very special friendship that lasts to this day. Would the post office be so sharp today? I wonder!
    Last May, a nurse made a terrible error. Two months of medication went into my system at once! The EMT’s failed to see the seriousness of the situation. They did not treat it as an emergency! They traveled at regular speed with traffic. In fact, my husband arrived faster than I did! The E.R. doctor saw that I was in serious trouble though. I tried to talk to Barry; I could not figure out why I saw a white light over his shoulder! Suddenly, I felt as if I was falling through a cave toward the white light. Suddenly, I heard a voice. The voice asked me if I wanted to stay or go be with my parents {in Heaven} I saw my daughter. Without a second’s pause, I told God that I wanted to stay with my husband and daughter, but I asked for his help. Instantly, I heard my husband’s voice calling me. While I was not out of the woods, I was never that close to death again! However, I spent four days in the ICU. This may seem like a hallucination brought on by the overdose, yet it happened. I know this in my heart. Upon reflection, I am a little surprised that I so emphatically wanted to stay here, but you told me that I had more to do. I have some say who had a near death experience that wanted to stay with You. They asked to do so
    I have learned from experience. As I face another challenge, I ask for your help in advance Jesus! I need your help again. You are more than Great enough to meet all of my needs. I thank you for the help you have provided already!

    Your loving daughter


  2. beckyg1003 Post author

    HI Kathy, Your own special story of miracles is very moving and I was quite overwhelmed by it. So much so, that I took several days to think about all that you have shared. Thank you for sharing your very special story!! I guess God can be very mysterious in how he works things out for all of us and you are right in that we need to keep believing and trusting in him. And God’s knowledge is much higher than human knowledge so I guess that’s why he knew more about you than those doctors did. And I know that you are a very insight, caring, and brave person. And you fill many roles as revealed in your story; you are a sister, a wife, a mother, and a cousin.And you are a faithful daughter of God. I also know you are wonderful at encouraging others. I have a special link to share with you and I’ll see if I can add it here. Others may also enjoy this as well: http://www.original-writer.com/archivewriting.html Be sure to read the number 10 issue called “Lost”. You just may find a very familiar story!!


  3. Kathy Baker

    S Sunshine and flowers and aplenty
    P Promise of summer’s coming
    R Reemergence of birds and butterflies
    I Image of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross
    N New life and rebirth
    G Glorious long days


  4. beckyg1003 Post author

    Hi Kathy,

    What a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing your love of springtime. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to Spring this year and I am sure many are feeling the same way. One of my friends commented recently that with all the snow, she is looking forward to seeing colors again. And how well you reminded me that with spring comes the promise of summer. I grew up on a small farm and I always looked forward to those long summer days when school was no longer in session. Again thank you for sharing your lovely words of encouragement. I hope you are having a joyful day.


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