Daily Archives: April 27, 2014

Antics of My Cats




Another different blog today as I continue in my blogging 101 class but I am still keeping my focus here on finding hope and inspiration in everyday life. After reading this humorous article:  http://gonecatawampus.com/2014/04/11/5-life-lessons-as-explained-by-my-cat/ ,I was inspired to think about the comical antics of my own two frolicking felines. At the moment, they are both resting and ‘behaving’ but at times, they will exhibit their playfulness and their uniqueness as to me no two cats are the same. I guess they inspire me and add a little lift to my day by making me laugh. One of my cats, Angel,climbs to the very top of the cat tree and performs numerous somersaults when I first come home from work. She keeps this up until I come over to pet and tickle her. Now, Mandy, my older gray cat, has started to do her own version of somersaults, just not on top of the cat tree which is a good thing. She is too big and not so acrobatic. And like the article says they like to bask in a sunny window and they will sit perfectly poised somewhere so that i can admire how beautiful they are. They smile so contentedly when I comment on their cuteness and their loveliness.

Being a cat lover and a cat owner, I have tried purchasing various cat toys for their amusement; I’ve bought rubber balls, plastic bell balls, catnip toys, and scratching boards. Of all these things, the scratching boards are most interesting to them. But they also prefer to find their own toys which include cardboard boxes, bottle caps and twist ties. And I just don’t get that. Angel especially will bat and chase a twist tie all over my kitchen and it ends up in the same place each time; in their food dish. Go figure why that is such great fun to her but it is humorous to watch.

But one thing special about them, and about many pets I’m sure, is that they seem to know when I am hurting or sad. When I am in such a state, they come up to me wherever I may be sitting and curl up to me just as close as they can (to the point that I am tightly sandwiched between them) and remain by my side or on my lap rubbing and kneading me for as long as they think I need it. It is very astonishing and compelling to me, how our pets can know when we are hurting the most and most need to be loved. They have their own special way of expressing love. I guess the life lesson that I need to remember from watching my frolicking, four-legged furry friends to also show love and kindness to all the special people that God brings into my life.