Daily Archives: April 2, 2014

Morning Light



As the new bright day is dawning and the first rays of sunlight filter in,

the Lord lovingly and gently awakens me.

My eyes slowly open and as watchful consciousness alerts my thoughts and soul,

I turn to look out the glass pane to to quietly and even wistfully see.

The leafy trees are a pale shade of green and the sky a gentle hue of blue.

Everything glistens beneath the sun’s transparent rays and the morning dew.

Now my soul is filled with earnest contentment of the simple and gentle beginning

so I arise with my thoughts on the Lord and with quiet anticipation.

In a gentle voiced prayer, i answer, “Thank you, Lord for showering me

with your sunshine and your sweet love today and

thank you Lord for your faithfulness in staying with me through this

gentle, sunlit day.