Daily Archives: April 25, 2014

Re-posting Spring Poem


Over a year ago I had written a poem called Spring following instructions to begin each line with the letters in “Spring.”  I like the hopefulness of spring and after a very long winter with plenty of snow on the ground for months,  many of us couldn’t wait to see green grass, new leaves, and colorful flowers again. One friend living in Wisconsin said, “I just can’t wait to see colors again.” So once again in a quest to find and share hope in everyday life, I am re-posting my Spring poem:


Sunshine glistens above the baby-leafed trees as a gentle wind blankets the land and sea.

Purple violets and dandelions too sprinkle the lawn like morning dew.

Radiant rainbow arches high after a thunderous storm has left the sky.

Ivy leaves and new vines begin to sprout starting their journey up a white trellised house.

Nesting robins and joyous meadowlarks tweet happy melodies that warm the heart.

Gentle doe leads her spotted fawn across the wildflower covered meadow land.