Writing-101 Assignment 8: At the Wrong Super8


Hooray my big day has come. And I will soon be on my way to Washington.

But first, I’m to ride a shuttle to the big Super 8. Oh, I hope it isn’t late.

So anxious to be on my way, I cannot wait!

 I glance at my cell checking the time. Oh my, it is past five.

I should be on the shuttle by now but lo, such misfortune, I soon found out!!

They said they’d come; they said they wouldn’t forget me.

But they turned left instead of right heading to the cities.

Phone calls were made and they sent me a taxi instead.

Which wouldn’t take me to the big city; in dismay I shook my head.

So here I am stuck at the wrong Super 8 without my suitcase

Therefore no clothes, no hairbrush, and no medicine to take.

Oh yes, my luggage made it on the shuttle but not I

For I needed to store my car and then wait for my ride.

They told me to wait in a certain spot and so I did only to be hidden and forgotten by them.

So now, I am stuck in this blue room with a feeling of dread and doom.

A small desk, a TV, and one queen bed with three pillows for my aching head.

I glance out the window where the view is green; a park across the road looking serene.

But none of it is comforting as I now wish for that busy city scene.

A few cars, trucks, and semis drive and rumble by this quieter stretch of highway.

I call my  cousin who hears an earful, “He forgot me; that unthinking driver of the shuttle!”

She is kind suggesting a sandwich and some food but I wouldn’t listen: I was in no mood.

in this quiet guest room I sit slumped in my chair thinking how life isn’t fair.

Somehow, I thought with a furrowed brow, I must journey north and fly out tomorrow!

I make phone calls and send emails for transportation to the big city

But no one is answering so for tomorrow, I will have to wait and see.

5 thoughts on “Writing-101 Assignment 8: At the Wrong Super8

  1. Kathy Baker

    I will pray that tomorrow will be an easier day,
    without chaos, delay and utter hurry and dismay!


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