Writing 101 Assignment 10: Happy Summertime Picnic



Okay, for assignment 10, we were instructed to write about a favorite childhood meal and work on developing our unique writing voice. I am not sure that I was successful with developing such a voice.  But I will add that I do attempt to create uniqueness with my blog by maintaining a sense of hopefulness and inspiration with it. My family was wonderful in being hopeful through love, encouragement,  laughter, and through numerous family celebrations. While growing up, I remember special dinners commemorating certain holidays and occasions. Such special events included Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, confirmations, and graduations. But I think I loved summertime picnics the most. Oh how I relished those picnics on the farm. We usually enjoyed picnics during the summer holidays (Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day) when weather was cooperating. Also we had picnics while camping and just because we felt like it.

We usually were blessed with beautiful weather including clear skies, brilliant sunshine, and perhaps a warm and gentle breeze. The day’s forecast was not a guarantee though as sometimes it became cloudy and colder with the threat of rain upon the horizon. That gentle breeze at times transformed into blowing gusts as we witness our paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils fly in the sudden wind.  It can be quite the challenge to eat a plate of food when a sudden gust travels across the picnic table carrying almost everything away. Oops, there went my cup and napkin.

The preparations for the picnic were enough to make my mouth water as I smelled hot dogs, hamburgers or corn on the cob sizzling on the grill. The corn was fresh from the garden, tasty and sweet enough to melt in my mouth. We had beans and salads for side dishes but my favorite was the watermelon. That too was fresh from the garden and my mom sliced in it in thick wedges. We kids ate it with such gusto that our faces and hands were covered with the sticky, oozing juice. No wonder she insisted we ate it outside. Another special treat was fresh strawberries also grown on the farm.

And it wasn’t just the food that made the picnic special; it was the relaxed and fun visiting with family which was often punctuated with friendly teasing, humorous comments and laughter. And there was just something special about spending many summer days outside and just being with family. Almost every year, I never wanted summer to end. Oh how I loved those summertime picnics.

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