Poetry 201 Assignment One: Water



I have enrolled in a poetry writing class and my first assignment was to write a haiku about water. So here is my try at a haiku. I haven’t written those in a long time so this is good practice. This type of poem has 3 lines; the first line contains 5 syllables, then next line 7 syllables and the last contains 5 syllables.  Do you think I completed the assignment correctly?  Anyway here is my haiku:

Tinkling of a stream

Deep inside the forest green;

A hushed melody

5 thoughts on “Poetry 201 Assignment One: Water

  1. jameslantern

    poetry begins first with understanding how it works,after that you break the rules,have confidence in yourself.i use poetry to unveil secret and poetry has a way of telling the truth and getting away with it.about your poem being complete if you think its complete it will,unless it satisfies you,it cant satisfy others.good day


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