Daily Archives: February 16, 2015

Another Haiku Just for Fun



Inspired by other poets in my poetry class who are writing multiple haiku’s about water which included a simile, I decided to attempt another one. I was amazed at all the different ways, people thought about water.


I hear a drip drip

from a  tap sounding like tick

tick of my father’s clock

Poetry 201 Assignment One: Water



I have enrolled in a poetry writing class and my first assignment was to write a haiku about water. So here is my try at a haiku. I haven’t written those in a long time so this is good practice. This type of poem has 3 lines; the first line contains 5 syllables, then next line 7 syllables and the last contains 5 syllables.  Do you think I completed the assignment correctly?  Anyway here is my haiku:

Tinkling of a stream

Deep inside the forest green;

A hushed melody