Daily Archives: February 18, 2015

Poetry 201 Assignment 3: Trust, Acrostic, and Internal Rhyme

On day 3 in my poetry 201 class, I was asked to write a new poem containing the word “trust”, using an acrostic and internal rhyme. I must admit, this is getting more challenging but I think I did. Do you think I accomplished the assignment? Here is my new poem:


Looking into the FUTURE

Forward gazing into the

Unexplored and unknown.

Trusting and embracing that

Unfilled hopes will soon become

Realized dreams at the end of

Enduring determination, my dear friend.

Another Limerick Just for Fun



Well, after some more contemplating,the little kid inside of me got all stirred up and, consequently, another limerick came to mine. This one contains a journey and an alliteration but is quite silly. However, I did have fun writing it as I imagined a happy little boy hopping and skipping down the street:

Jumping Joey

Jumping Joey went on a journey

Jolly jumping down Juniper Alley.

Joey was so jolly;

He jumped up, my golly

and jolly jumped back home eating jelly.