Becky’s Cinquains; Mountains, Woods, and Flower



While following a poetry challenge book, I was told to write a cinquain and so I wrote three of them. This is a poem written in 5 lines. The first line is a one word title which must be a noun. The second sentence contains two adjectives describing the title of the poem. The third line consists of three verbs ending in “ing” which relate to the title and the fourth line is a phrase also describing the title. And finally, the last line is a one word noun which is a synonym for the title of the poem.


Rocky, rugged

Climbing, Hiking, Sightseeing

Surrounded by forest greenery



Leafy, green

Hiking, walking, strolling

Towering trees and chirping birds



Vibrant, colorful

Sprouting, growing, blooming

Blossoms in the springtime


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