Daily Archives: August 29, 2015

Becky’s Haiku: Bird and Red


Blackbirds flew above my

Head; I so wished to see red

Cardinals instead.

I have just attempted yet another haiku challenge from Ronovan Writes blog using the words “bird” and “red”. I am enjoying the challenge of trying to use such seemingly different and even opposite words in such a short poem. These prompts from Ronovan can really be a challenge to the mind.  If you like poetry challenges and haiku’s then I invite you to also accept his latest challenge at this link: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/

Lord, Please Stay with Me


Lord, please stay with me today;

Show me the path and lead me the way.

Sweet dear Jesus I fear what might lay ahead;

And the weeping tears which I might shed.

But even so Lord, please still remain close to me

As I cling to hope though sadness I see.

I know you are here with me in the bright daylight

And you’ve awakened me with gentle sunlight.

You’ve placed before me an unknown road to follow;

Please give me courage so I don’t falter or stumble.

Though this day may be hard, please still be my trusted guide

And help me to walk in faithful confidence with my head held high.