Becky’s Freku: Hope in WINTER

Pics from Camera 2-8-2015 378

Winds brisk and frigid sweep across the prairie and through the quiet pine needled forest.

Icicles, like long, slender fingers stretch downward; determined to reach and touch.

Nighttime snowflakes swirl and flutter, softly blanketing the frozen land.

Trees, stripped bare of their colorful leaves, sway yet still rigidly stand.

Even so, the coldest and blusteriest day might reveal bright and wondrous hope;

Reaching and arching high in a blistery sea blue sky can be a brilliantly glowing winter rainbow.

Wintry days, frigid

And brisk reveal bright hope with

A winter rainbow.

3 thoughts on “Becky’s Freku: Hope in WINTER

  1. Becky Robinson

    Becky, I always enjoy reading your poetry. And stories so much. It always takes my mind back to all the great pine trees up north. Keep writing your cousin Becky


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