Daily Archives: February 26, 2016

Becky’s Freku: The Sun between the Trees


One day, I went on a stroll along a new path

In hopes of a journey that in my memory will last.

I entered the woods walking, as usual alone, and all the while

Following a narrowly rutted trail.

Upon the ground I kept my eyes ever so keen

Trying not to stumble on the limbs of fallen trees.

I often feel a bit off-balanced and a little clumsy

That the smallest obstruction could render me to my knees.

So very studiously I kept my eyes appealed

For any low-lying obstacle along this trail.

As I stepped carefully along the way

I was surrounded by the emerald greenery of the trees

That towered, swished, and swayed.

Finally I did gaze upward through the leaf-laden trees

Which whispered and swayed in the gentle breeze.

And lo, wouldn’t you know?

The Specter that was peering at me far below?

The glowing sun was so brightly beaming

Like a brilliant iris through the trees was gleaming

Beneath that vast deep blue canvas

Of the high vaulted sky far above us.

And in that gentle and tranquil moment I did know

That the Lord was quietly watching over me far below.

He was keeping me safe and secure

As I continued on my little adventure

Of exploring this peaceful forest of greenery

Where occasional birds musically tweeted.

So indeed this quiet stroll through the trees came to be

A sweet memory that has remained inside of me.

A quiet stroll through

The emerald trees becomes a

Treasured memory.