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The WINTER Season

Winds blowing from the north and northeast; marching across the prairie sea.

Icicles stretching beneath the cold sunlight to touch the frozen white landscape.

New fallen snow filters the blustery air and blankets the vast land;

Trees stripped bare of their colorful garments of leaves

Ever bravely face now the onslaught of the cutting, frigid breeze.

Reminiscent of seasons past but with hope I remember these

blustery and bone-chilling days will not last.

In the Beginning…

In the beginning, the sun arose in the wintry sky;

as the day brightened, it chased away the deep

dark hours of the lingering night.

In the beginning, the new fallen snow sparkled

beneath the gleaming sunlight

as if glittering diamonds were

scattered on the frozen white surface.

And soon a lone hare and a squirrel

hopped and scampered about

creating crisscrossing paths

across the white barren land.

In the beginning the oaks, the elms,

and the maple trees,

stripped bare of their garments

of resin-scented autumn leaves,

stood guard over this silent scene

where, in the end, there remains

a gentle quietness across the drifts

of whiteness gleam.

In the beginning a searching

journey starts from a wistful

heart and leads the soul to a

place of restful peace.

Becky’s Freku: The Sun between the Trees


One day, I went on a stroll along a new path

In hopes of a journey that in my memory will last.

I entered the woods walking, as usual alone, and all the while

Following a narrowly rutted trail.

Upon the ground I kept my eyes ever so keen

Trying not to stumble on the limbs of fallen trees.

I often feel a bit off-balanced and a little clumsy

That the smallest obstruction could render me to my knees.

So very studiously I kept my eyes appealed

For any low-lying obstacle along this trail.

As I stepped carefully along the way

I was surrounded by the emerald greenery of the trees

That towered, swished, and swayed.

Finally I did gaze upward through the leaf-laden trees

Which whispered and swayed in the gentle breeze.

And lo, wouldn’t you know?

The Specter that was peering at me far below?

The glowing sun was so brightly beaming

Like a brilliant iris through the trees was gleaming

Beneath that vast deep blue canvas

Of the high vaulted sky far above us.

And in that gentle and tranquil moment I did know

That the Lord was quietly watching over me far below.

He was keeping me safe and secure

As I continued on my little adventure

Of exploring this peaceful forest of greenery

Where occasional birds musically tweeted.

So indeed this quiet stroll through the trees came to be

A sweet memory that has remained inside of me.

A quiet stroll through

The emerald trees becomes a

Treasured memory.

Becky’s Haiku: Cover and Color


The trees now bare were

Once covered with autumn leaves

Of vibrant colors.

I have just attempted yet another haiku challenge from Ronovan Writes blog using the words “cover” and “color”. I am enjoying the challenge of trying to use such different and even opposite words in such a short poem of only 17 syllables. These prompts from Ronovan can really be a challenge to the mind.  If you like poetry challenges and haiku’s then I invite you to also accept his latest challenge at this link: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2015/11/16/

Guest Poet Kathy B October 16 2014



The Tree’s Four Seasons

Spring brings new, gleaming green life to the bare and lonely tree,

The tree waves in the gentler wind, happy as the leaves bud free,

Summer brings the sun which shines on its beautiful carpet of leaves,

Autumn brings the most brilliant yellows, reds, and pumpkin oranges

Just before the mean winds of November come to blow causing the glorious leaves to tumble,

Rakes and blowers noisily and greedily scoop up the beauty as people grumble,

All winter long, the tree is bare and lonely without its friends, its precious leaves,

It may even lose a few of its limbs as the ice and snow weighs the sad tree down,

The tree awaits the promise of warmer days, and the bird’s song, hurry Spring,

So the leaves will once again cover it happily, like a gorgeous green gown.

Immersed in AUTUMN


Acorns dropping from the old oak trees
Uncovered and bare branches sway in the chilly breeze
Thick needled pines remain a deep hunter green
Untouched by time and the approaching winter season
Maple, elms, ash, and birch all sway and soon follow suit
Now changing hues and peaking as their leaves drift upon my shoes.

AUTUMN is Here


Aromatic leaves tumble in the air
Undressed trees now stand naked and bare
Towering pines remain forever green
Upholding their resolve to brighten this bleak scene
Mild breezes turn bitter, frigid cold
Now winter is a coming; we have been foretold!

Edge of the Forest


Slender birches and elms tower in the blue lit sky

Quietly displaying their dainty green leaves

As their long armed branches silently

Wave In the gently blowing breeze.

A lone songbird chirps and sings deep

In the quietly sprawling woods

A sad and lonely melody which perhaps

No neighboring creature understood.

Like a dampened sponge, the lush grass green

Grass sinks beneath my bare, sunbathed feet.

As the sun’s warm and transparent rays

Wrap my arms while tinting my face and cheeks.

The  soft aroma of sun warmed pines, wildflowers and

other woodsy scents drift with the quiet breeze.

Such a tranquil and peaceful, summery day

Just sitting by this swaying forest of trees.