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Becky’s Freku: Like a River

I have recently learned about a new poem style known as a freku. It begins with a free verse poem and then concludes with a summarizing haiku; hence the term freku. This is my second try with such a poem.


Like a river that gently comes and goes,

The day opens and flows before me.

Like a river that turns and bends, it unfolds

With unknown events; hidden and unseen.

And like a river softly forever lapping in a

Continuous tinkling stream,

I must trustingly wade through this new day

By walking with the Lord in faith and

Letting him lead me the way.

Like a river that

Flows, must keep on trusting and

Faithfully follow.

Lord, Please Stay with Me


Lord, please stay with me today;

Show me the path and lead me the way.

Sweet dear Jesus I fear what might lay ahead;

And the weeping tears which I might shed.

But even so Lord, please still remain close to me

As I cling to hope though sadness I see.

I know you are here with me in the bright daylight

And you’ve awakened me with gentle sunlight.

You’ve placed before me an unknown road to follow;

Please give me courage so I don’t falter or stumble.

Though this day may be hard, please still be my trusted guide

And help me to walk in faithful confidence with my head held high.