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Becky’s Haiku: Feel and Space


Winter wind blows to

Fill all land and space til I

Can’t feel my numb face.

No more going out

In the cold; must stay inside

And let the wind blow.

Yes! Stay warm indoors

And dream of Spring when lilacs

Bloom and grass turns green.

I have attempted yet another haiku challenge from Ronovan Writes blog using the words “feel” and “space”. I am enjoying the challenge of putting different and even opposite words in such a short poem.  If you like word challenges and haiku’s, then I invite you to also accept Ronovan’s latest challenge at this link: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/category/haiku-prompt-challenge/

Star Gazing

IMG_20160613_012139309_HDR 172 163 IMG_20140712_022259301IMG_20140621_232242669250

Mars. Jupiter, and Saturn

Making celestial appearances

When gazing into the deep night sky

 While armed with my Stellarium app and camera.

I continue to ponder in wondrous awe

At the vastness of our Milky Way.

Finding numerous star clusters

As well as the heart and soul nebulae.

Searching ever deeper into

The vast darkness of space

I might find the far off Pinwheel galaxy

And I may spy that brilliant blue star, Spica.

Or, perhaps our nearest galactical neighbor, Andromeda.

I can search the deep heavens in star struck wonder

Never tiring of the distant hidden treasures

Which emerge in view after nightfall.

There was that time I stayed for nearly twelve hours

after high noon just to glimpse the strawberry moon.

For years with a sense of adventure,

I had often dreamt to be

Aboard that fictitious journeying vessel,

Star Trek’s spaceship, Enterprise,

Voyaging upon the dark ocean of space;

That forever vast night time sky.

Palms 8:3-4 (Holy Bible International Version):

“When I consider your heavens,  the work of your fingers,  the moon and stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?”

Note: Most of the photos you see above were taking while using the Stellarium app on my kindle fire except for the strawberry moon photo.

Haiku: Our Home Earth


Earth; the blue sphere beacon

Floating in the vast field of space yet

Keeping its destined place

I got this haiku poem idea by participating in a haiku challenge. For those who like such challenges, here is a link this challenge in which, you were to include the words “beacon” and “field” in a haiku: