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Star Gazing

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Mars. Jupiter, and Saturn

Making celestial appearances

When gazing into the deep night sky

 While armed with my Stellarium app and camera.

I continue to ponder in wondrous awe

At the vastness of our Milky Way.

Finding numerous star clusters

As well as the heart and soul nebulae.

Searching ever deeper into

The vast darkness of space

I might find the far off Pinwheel galaxy

And I may spy that brilliant blue star, Spica.

Or, perhaps our nearest galactical neighbor, Andromeda.

I can search the deep heavens in star struck wonder

Never tiring of the distant hidden treasures

Which emerge in view after nightfall.

There was that time I stayed for nearly twelve hours

after high noon just to glimpse the strawberry moon.

For years with a sense of adventure,

I had often dreamt to be

Aboard that fictitious journeying vessel,

Star Trek’s spaceship, Enterprise,

Voyaging upon the dark ocean of space;

That forever vast night time sky.

Palms 8:3-4 (Holy Bible International Version):

“When I consider your heavens,  the work of your fingers,  the moon and stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?”

Note: Most of the photos you see above were taking while using the Stellarium app on my kindle fire except for the strawberry moon photo.

The Christmas Tree



Although late, I still want to share a new Christmas poem. I hope everyone who is reading this has had a wonderful and blessed Christmas:

Carefully placed and standing where all can see

Heralding angel poised above the pine needle green.

Rows of colorful lights brighten the scene

Infused and trimmed by love unseen.

Stars, snowflakes, and bulbs adorn the limbs

Trustfully reminding us of him and the

Manger scene where he was born;

Arriving long ago on Christmas morn.

Shepherds heard and flocked to see the sight;

Taught by angels who appeared in a great light.

Remembering and honoring many years later

Eventual arrival of the Lord Jesus, our Savior;

Everlasting King who will rule forever and ever.

Becky’s Haiku: Remembering God, My Strength and Song


As I walk and stroll

Along, I think of God who

Is my strength and song.

he has created

 by his own power all things:

earth, the moon, and stars.

he has revealed in

his book, chapter and verse; he

made the universe.

Nothing good was made

Without him; through his word filled

With power from within.

He gives breathing life

To all men and eternal

Life through his own Son.

He is like a love

 Song singing deep inside of

Me and whispering.

He sings in my heart

Ever quietly and through

The gentle, flowing breeze.

I also hear him

By the lake and sea as the

Waves lap peacefully.

And in the forest

When the birds sing, I can’t help

But remember him.

Always reminding

Me of his love and peace, so

Content, I can be.

So today I will

Stroll along and remember

God, my strength and song.

Waiting for the Stars


The late afternoon sky resembled a

Tranquil and deep blue sea.

A hint of powder white clouds

Are floating by so effortlessly.

A crescent moon has settled on high

Like a heavenly nightlight in the sky.

The streaming sunlight continues to diminish

Being chased away by the encroaching darkness.

The air is cool as evening approaches

Reminding me to don on warmer clothes.

A quietness reigns in the brisk mountain air

With the soft chirping of a cricket choir.

I sat on the porch waiting in anticipation

To see all the stars that nighttime may bring.

Such a long time since I have seen

The stars at night so brightly shining;

Glowing and glittering in awesome wonder

While stretching above across the universe.

I shall sit and wait here in this still quietness

To see those twinkling gems before I rest.

Friday Verse Journal Psalms 8:3-4


Pics from Camera 2-8-2015 242

Oops, one day late again but I felt a deep desire to make an entry in my Friday Verse Journal. One of the things that I so enjoy doing is gazing at the night time sky but I must admit with a very cold winter upon us, I don’t feel like standing outside for very long at all. However with the help of the Stellarium app on my kindle fire, I have been able to capture some images with my camera phone without ever leaving my house. The Stellarium app helps me to find and identify planets, a variety of stars, nebulas, and even galaxies. I have had a lot of fun using it. Also while doing so, I am reminded how small and very tiny I am in this humongous universe. I am so thankful to realize that God is so loving and so mindful of me.

Psalms 8:3-4 (Holy Bible New International Version):

“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them? Human beings that you care for them?”

Finding More Inspiration in Creative Writing, Poetry, and in Gazing at the Stars



I did some more “diving and driving” through the blogosphere world and found more inspirational, hopeful, and helpful blogs in the areas of creative writing, poetry, and in gazing at the stars. I hope you enjoy exploring these links and find some inspiration from them as well:

Here’s a helpful blog for us bloggers who are also fiction writers. Every day, it publishes a one sentence prompt and you, the writer, respond by starting with at sentence and write a story. The point of these exercises is that as soon as you receive the one sentence prompt, you start writing! This is a very interesting and challenging way to practice and hone skills in fictional and other creative writing.


I found another blog site which addressed the process of writing, “Making Sandwiches” by Robert Jackson Bennet who is a fiction author and writer. He compares the writing process to that of making a sandwich. The main idea is that he is encouraging you to write what you want and to do it your way. We writers need to develop and follow our own creative writing style. Here is the link to his article:


I also came across a fun and very creative poem entitled, “Adventures in Poetry” which explores the challenges of poetry writing. It is very cleverly written and enjoyable to read. Furthermore, I also view poetry writing as an adventure. Each time I start a poem I usually have no idea how it will end. I am always very determined that my writing makes sense and makes a point but I am not always clear on what that point will be until I reach the ending. In that manner writing can be an unknown adventure. Here is the link to this very cleverly written poem by Eclectic Alli:


I enjoy gazing at the night sky and watching the stars. I also desire to learn more about them and to be able to identify celestial objects in the night sky. While thinking about that I came across this very interesting blog about the night sky. This blogger/photographer has mastered the skill to photograph and identify constellations, planets, and other interesting sights in the night time sky. His posts also are very timely; he often give insight on how you can discover what he sees in the dark sky. Take a look and enjoy: