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Lord Let Me Be


Lord let me be the opal of your treasury;

A different yet lovely gem only you can see.

Lord let me be a delight to your compassionate heart

With a quiet gentleness which will never depart.

Lord let me be a unique creation of your hands

Formed with love and wisdom that only you understand.

Lord let me be a quiet person with a gentle soul

Which never desires to hurt or cause turnmoil.

Lord let me live in the meadow of your everlasting love

Where wildflowers bloom and peace rules like softly singing dove.

Lord let me be forever safe inside our outstretched arms

Where I always feel welcomed and sheltered from this world’s storms.

Lord let me be alive with hope of your everlasting grace

While waiting for your return when we’ll all see your shining face.

For it was you who had coaxed me and drew me ever nearer

By forgiving my sins and caring for me so I no longer live in fear.

Lord let me be always sure and confident of your final victory

Over all evil and sinfulness which you will smite forever triumphantly.

And Lord let all of us be forever safe inside your heavenly home

Where we will all live in joy, peace, and love in your everlasting kingdom.