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Elusive Peace


Going through a bit of writer’s block, I decided to try using one of the prompt words from WordPress Daily Post at https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/

 I was intrigued by the prompt word, “elusive” and so was inspired to write about that in a new poem:

I sometimes dream of a place

So peaceful and serene;

A vision which only

My mind’s internal eye can see.

Clear and ever vivid blue

Is the vaulted, stretching sky

As the glowing sun beams

From its destined home on high.

With the ground adorned

In a carpet of lush green grass

Unmarred by any intruding footprints

And the absence of a meandering path.

Statues of towering trees

Swished and swayed beneath

The foliage of rustling leaves.

No other near or distant sound

Met my ever straining ears.

No other hints of movement

Or voices were detected or heard.

The vibrant image lasted perhaps

A few seconds at the most;

Like the fleeting appearance

Of a shimmering ghost.

Just a simple, tranquil place

Where I can quietly be

If only for a moment in the night

In a reoccurring dream.

Glimpse of a Memory

Last night I had a dream

Of a quiet wintry scene.

The vision lasted only seconds

And, at first, I didn’t comprehend

As the place looked unfamiliar to me.

But soon more details I could clearly see;

A small shed near the towering old barn

And banks of snow piled up in the yard.

A pristine white drive leading to the road

And to the old mailbox upon a metal pole.

The sky glistened a brilliant blue

Beneath the sun’s glowing hue

As understanding dawned and I did know;

I was standing in the place of my old childhood home

Where my siblings and I spent many wintry days

Sledding down the gently sloping driveway.

The scene too quickly faded and yet remains in me;

A yearning glimpse of a distant memory.