Sunlight, Sunlight


Sunlight, Sunlight, oh, please visit my way

and shine on me and keep me warm this chilly day.

Sunlight, sunlight piercing through the clouds

touch this sleeping soul so new life may be roused.

Sunlight, sunlight brightening the forest green

You fill me with hope as I wander through the trees.

Sunlight, Sunlight, while these days are slipping by

help me to share God’s love and to gladly say, “hi”.

Sunlight, sunlight Please help to me safely stay

inside of God’s love through all the winding day.

Sunlight, sunlight, please light up the path that I am to roam

so that one day I’ll arrive in my heavenly sweet home.

Sunlight, sunlight, is that you glowing inside of me?

“Yes,” said Jesus, “but to gaze upon my face, you’ll have to wait and see.”

1 thought on “Sunlight, Sunlight

  1. beckyg1003 Post author

    I wrote this poem a number of years ago while on my way to work. I was driving when these words just started coming to me. I was not near any park or other picturesque scene but it seemed as if someone was reciting these words as I drove. Previous to this I had written a poem about shadows and the dark, troubled spots that i perceived in my life and then it seemed God was helping me to refocus my thoughts on hope and to remember all the goodness he has shown to me. When the weather is nice and time permits, I enjoy seeking out beautiful, scenic places.


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