Thinking About Spring

DCP_0911   DCP_0910

Sunshine glistens above the baby-leafed trees as a gentle wind blankets the land and sea.

Purple violets and dandelions too sprinkle the lawn like morning dew.

Radiant rainbow arches high after a thunderous storm has left the sky.

Ivy leaves and new vines begin to sprout starting their journey up a white trellised house.

Nesting robins and joyous meadowlarks tweet happy melodies that warm the heart.

Gentle doe leads her spotted fawn across the wildflower covered meadow land.

1 thought on “Thinking About Spring

  1. beckyg1003 Post author

    Over a year ago, I was given an assignment to write a poem about Spring using the letters in the word Spring to start each line of the poem. I wrote this poem and then took this challenge to my workplace where others wrote spring poems too. We published them all in the company newsletter. One of the workers there had recently lost her mother. She was so surprised to see the different Spring poems and shared how that really cheered her up. With this winter being extra cold, windy, and snowy, I find myself strongly yearning for those first signs of spring.


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