I Hear the Birds



I hear the birds singing; an unseen choir a midst the leafy branches of the swaying trees.

Their small voices are many and unique; their whistles, their chirps and their melodies

ride the quietly flowing breeze.

Their joyous songs bring sweet thoughts to my mind and a deep sense of gentle peace to

my uplifted heart. How i love to hear the birds above and may they always be near, always

present, never to depart.

2 thoughts on “I Hear the Birds

  1. Kathy Baker

    Very beautiful Becky! Here is something I wrote.
    I feel some of the anguish that Jesus must have felt on the cross,
    Someone I love more than life is in the agony of addiction.
    I am facing the uncertainty of cancer. I would take up and be nailed to it if it bring this person out of the addiction. Help us Jesus and forgive me for feeling forsaken. Please carry us for I am not strong enough.


  2. beckyg1003 Post author

    Again thanks Kathy for your kind words. I will keep you and that person in my thoughts and prayers. You are not forsaken; you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. And Jesus hears our prayers.


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