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Happy NEW YEAR 2017


New dreams, opportunities, and possibilities

Every day dawn’s a new beginning

Willing to wait and live by God’s love, mercy, and grace.

Yesterday is gone but lessons and memories remain.

Each bright morning is a treasured gift; each starlit evening a cherished blessing

Already looking forward in solid and steadfast faith

Ready to continue this life journey on the path of hope and grace.

Glimpse of a Memory

Last night I had a dream

Of a quiet wintry scene.

The vision lasted only seconds

And, at first, I didn’t comprehend

As the place looked unfamiliar to me.

But soon more details I could clearly see;

A small shed near the towering old barn

And banks of snow piled up in the yard.

A pristine white drive leading to the road

And to the old mailbox upon a metal pole.

The sky glistened a brilliant blue

Beneath the sun’s glowing hue

As understanding dawned and I did know;

I was standing in the place of my old childhood home

Where my siblings and I spent many wintry days

Sledding down the gently sloping driveway.

The scene too quickly faded and yet remains in me;

A yearning glimpse of a distant memory.

The Gift of Silence


Melodious robin punctuates the hushed air

As a mild wind blows and temperatures are fair.

Branches swish and sway among the cluster of trees;

Dancing in the warm wind and the flowing breeze.

Lone owl hoots in the lazy mid-afternoon

While the day is bright and peacefulness resumes.

Crickets chirp and sing in the rosy hued twilight

Forming an unseen choir in the depths of night.

Peacefully I lay listening to the calming quietness

And am gently blessed by the gift of silence.

Sunday Drive Round Up August 17, 2014



Once again, it is time to take a fun drive around the blogosphere and see what other bloggers are up to. So, to start off with, I went exploring for insightful posts about the art of writing and here are some helpful and interesting articles I discovered:

The Art of Writing

From Cristian Mihai I found this helpful article about finding your inner strength and writing for yourself. In another to words to write what you want to write about:

A Dose of Light Humor

Traveling further along, I also found a bit of humor along the way to brighten my day from a letter written to ‘Thing’.  I needed a little something to help me smile again. After all, laughter is often good medicine. This clever missive is written by Hugh’s News and Views:

Soothing Inspiration and Beautiful Music

And finally, I came across this gem of a post written by Meredith’s Musings about the true story of two ministers who sailed to America. In their eagerness to share along the way, they had to learn that salvation can never be earned. A beautiful hymn is also featured here which was soothing to my sometimes troubled and searching soul. It is a great post:

My Mother’s Beautiful Hands

With Mother’s Day approaching, I wanted to publish this poem in memory of my own mom who passed away in 2010 just a short time after her 65th birthday. Her passing happened very unexpectedly leaving many of us in deep sorrow and with a painfully empty void in our lives. In her own quiet and special way she had touched many lives.  She loved being hospitable and she enjoyed being creative with her hands; sewing, crocheting, and needlepoint are just a hint of her creativeness.  For me she was a mother and a close friend and she remains in a special place in my heart. i very much miss visiting home and sitting by my mother’s side. In the old farmhouse where I grew up and on a quiet evening that was my favorite place to be. I know that many others will be deeply missing their mothers this weekend too.


I always remember many cold and wintry nights

when in a house warm with love, a scene of beauty met my sight;

My mother sitting so content and so quietly working with her hands.

An object was forming, a colorful thing which at first I do not understand.

As her mysterious creation grew and took shape, I knew what it was to be.

Sometimes a blanket, quilt or doll; perhaps slippers or ornaments for the Christmas tree.

When finished she gently wraps the gift with care and at the chosen time,

the treasured gift is given and her deep love brightly shines, warm and genuine.

Where else could I find such a tender love? Where else would I go?

Except to my mother’s side, whose warm love could melt a mountain of snow.

So over the years I kept going home to see my  mom and a gift I did not understand

being created by her with love and with her warm, gentle, and beautiful hands.